1000 (Obara) is הוד (glory). It is the glory or splendour of the cosmos depicted by the ring of light formed when the sun and the moon are aligned during annular solar eclipse.

The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light (Revelation 21:23) "NIV"

The term alignment here means reconciliation or agreement. The ring of light representing הוד is a single circle made up of two circles; it seemed a single circle because two circles are merged to form one circle.

The two circles are the two black holes in Tao (the circumbinary disk), and הוד is the single black hole formed during a binary black hole merger.

The two black holes in a binary black hole constitute Dao, where the first black hole is the Jews and the second black hole is the Gentiles. Jews are the people from whom Christ is coming, and Gentiles are the people to whom Christ is going.

The Abrahamic religions constitute the Jews and the non-Abrahamic religions constitute the Gentiles when the light is coming from Abrahamic religions to non-Abrahamic religions. And the Abrahamic religions constitute the Gentiles and the non-Abrahamic religions constitute the Jews when the light returns from the non-Abrahamic religions to the Abrahamic religions.

The Gentiles shall come to your light, And kings to the brightness of your rising. (Isaiah 60:3) "NKJV"

The menorah is a Jewish lamp lighting up all religions, places, cultures and subjects. Menorah is a cube (Kaaba) in the center of Islam, Dome of the Rock in the center of Jerusalem, Mandala in the center of Hinduism, Dilogun in the center of African traditional religions, Christ in the center of Christianity, etc.

Abrahamic religions and non-Abrahamic religions are aligned or reconciled to form Theism, which means that the first black hole is Abrahamic religions, the second black hole is non-Abrahamic religions, and the single black hole formed by the two black holes is Theism.

Theism is not the ring of light; rather, Theism is Ein Sof:  the circle of glory known as Wuji.

The ring of light is the Ohr formed when the light comes from Theism to Atheism, and from Atheism to Theism. The Ohr is the glory or splendour.

God said this about the Atheists:
I will call them My people, who were not My peopleAnd her beloved, who was not beloved.” (Romans 9:25) "NKJV"

Therefore, הוד is the Axis Mundi (Christ) where the wisdom of God in the religious is reconciled to the knowledge of God in the non-religious. By reconciling the religious and the non-religious, the glory and honour of the nations are brought into the new Jerusalem.
People will bring into it the glory and the honor of the nations. (Revelation 21:26) "NRSV"