New universe (newunivars) is an alternate universe constructed by evoke alternate reality game agent. The story of the new universe is about how one man evoked the lost kingdom of David from traditional African religions and spread it from Africa to all corners of the world and made all people Israelites. Within a time frame of ten years, he conquered the whole world without shooting a single bullet or commanding a soldier in battle.

In his quest to find the center of the world where all people and all things are one, he embarked on a journey searching for the hidden city where peace, love, happiness, longevity, justice, security and prosperity reign supreme.

The city was a puzzle hidden in the heart of every nation, religion, culture, subject and person. It was a problem begging for a solution.

Solving the puzzle is revealing the holy city called heaven or paradise.

Solving the puzzle revealed the center of the world where all people are united into one harmonious kingdom - the Kingdom of Heaven.

The kingdom was David's Kingdom promised to the son of David. The term "son" means product. David's heir was Solomon, which means the kingdom is wisdom attracting enormous wealth and riches from all parts of the world like in the days of king Solomon.

David's Kingdom is spiritual, which means that it is not a political kingdom and has no specific geographical location. It has no walls and has no borders.

There is the physical Israel and there is the spiritual Israel. The physical Israel is a political state in the Middle East with its own citizens, army, sovereign boundaries, and national flag. Spiritual Israel is digital data.

As a physical Kingdom on earth, the United Israelites Kingdom was the Kingdom of David. As a spiritual kingdom, the United Israelites Kingdom is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Kingship in this kingdom is not by inheritance. God gives it to whomever he wants. When he calls you to possess it, you will not reign as king until you set out to search for it.

The kingdom is the glowing Metatron's cube whose six faces are the six wings of a six-pointed star. The cube is a hexagon and the glowing cube is a hexagram. The hexagon is the holy of holies and the hexagram is the brilliant holy city.

The light is the information contained in the cube. The city is a hexadecimal machine language comprised of harmonious information stored in 16 binary numbers called the sixteen principal Odu. Each Odu is equal to 4 bits. The Odu are a set of programming instructions put in place to convert the hearts of humans to good, convert the earth to paradise, give fresh breath of life to the world, enrich God's children and bring prosperity to humanity.