Feng Shui House Chart

Ifa is a Yoruba name for feng shui since Ifa is geomancy and feng shui is Chinese geomancy. The house chart is therefore a building which when oriented auspiciously will attract good health and good fortune.

The house chart is an architectural structure of  the house of the Lord, which means that it is a spiritual building that must be oriented in an auspicious manner.

The sixteen cowry shells in cowry divination are sixteen isosceles right triangles in the house chart. Each cowry shell is a I Ching hexagram (a six-pointed star) equal to 46 such that the sixteen isosceles right triangles constituting the house chart are equal to 16 × 46. 

Feng shui stimulates the flow of life to bring about prosperity, progress, good luck and good health. Life has two forms: black life and white life. Life must flow from black to white and from white to black for there to be money and medicine.

Black life is Chi and white life is Qi. The flow of life between Qi and Chi creates a current called wind or the river of life, since feng shui is literally wind-water.

Constructing the house chart is building a new universe which could be either chaos or harmony. There is a hindered flow of life and the universe is chaos when black life doesn't matter. Chaos is sickness and poverty.

Newunivars is the house chart of a new universe constructed for God to dwell. The website is not a conventional blog but a house in cyberspace. 

Any house built for God is the temple of God. Just as we don't expect God to come and dwell in the temple while it is still under construction so newunivars was left void for many years in spite of continuous updates. 

God in the house chart is a breath of life converting the new universe (newunivars) from chaos to the cosmos. 

Life on the split side and smooth side of the cowry shell is Chi and Qi respectively so that the cowries are lives and the house chart is life. Since cowry shell is money the flow of life between Qi and Chi is the flow of money like a river.

If you build a house for God and there are no people in the house it means God have not accepted your sacrifice. God is the Lord of armies. When God enters into his temple large number of people flock into the temple day and night. If after building the temple no one or a few people are attracted to it God didn't enter the temple.

Newunivars is a house built for God. Large number of visitors coming to newunivars are manifestation of God coming into the house built for him. The visitors are life flowing in the house chart. And since the life is money, traffic to newunivars is wealth.

The house of God is a pilgrimage site attracting large number of people from different parts of the world. Since God's life is eternal life, the number of visitors coming to the house chart is infinite. 

If this house (newunivars) built in cyberspace doesn't attract very  large number of daily visitors and generate enormous revenue God did not appoint me to build a temple for him.