The Fall of the American Empire

The fall of the U.S. Empire (also called the fall of Washington or the fall of Columbus), like the fall of the Roman Empire, is a decline in the USA in which the American society was extremely divided to the extent that individuals and institutions failed to enforce the rules that made the USA the most successful and most powerful nation on earth. The toppling of statues of the founders of the U.S.A. are symbolic of the fall of the American Empire.

There were people who thought that the election of the 46th president will restore the USA to its former state of global dominance. U.S. media and governments in the western world are waiting for the 46th president to reintroduce the kind of western alliance that enabled them and the USA to dominate the world and rule over all nations on earth. Leaders or former leaders of developing nations who looked up to the USA and the western world for global leadership and watched in horror as the demolition man dismantled the world where they flourished are hoping that the exit of the 45th president would turn the world back to where it was prior to 2016.

Humans failed to understand why Europe was burnt down and bombarded to pieces during World War 2. 

European nations turned their swords against each other and Europe bled because European nations formed a cult where they divided the world among themselves, exploited the resources and people of other nations, impose their rules on people of other cultures and traditions, and exalted themselves above the diverse people of other parts of the world. 

Any cabal or gang of nations or people formed to suppress others, enrich themselves by siphoning the wealth and resources of other nations and people to the detriment of the owners, lay claims to or trickishly take lands and properties of people of other nations or places, and impose their own authorities directly or indirectly on other people, nations and kingdoms, will ultimately suffer an infighting that will lead to the destruction of the cabal or gang or coven and freedom of the people who suffered under their oppressive regimes.

There is the USA and there was the U.S. Empire. Although the USA will continue to exist, the U.S. Empire is no more. The destroyer has effectively and irreversibly destroyed the international alliances, collaborations, networks and institutional framework on which the U.S. Empire was built. 

Powerful people in powerful nations or kingdoms usually are not aware of when they lose power because it is hard to recognise the fall of an empire when the nation is still intact. Rome still exist but the vast Roman Empire is no more. Similarly, the USA will continue to exist after the fall of the U.S. Empire.

The era of the 45th president of the USA was the height of the U.S. because the 45th president was the transient state between the excited state and the ground state. The excited state was the 44th president or last ruler of the U.S. Empire and the ground state is the 46th president. That makes the 46th president the first-ever president of the new U.S.A. The U.S. Empire grew from its foundation in 1776 until its summit in 2016, spanning 240 years of human history. It reached the height of its economic, military and political power immediately before the expiration of the duration of the empire. Its military became so powerful that it took warfare from the earth to outer space. 

The last four years of the USA was a powerful nation boasting of its accomplishments and celebrating its achievements immediately before an imminent fall. 

2016 to 2020 was a void in U.S. history, a period when the Americans went into exile. The 44th was the last president of the USA and the 46th is the next president after the 44th. The 45th wasn't a president but a king who ruled the Americans in exile. Americans will return back from exile to their land in 2021.

In the kingdom of heaven, no nation or people or religion or race or culture or person is superior to others. 

45 was the center of the world. The shift from 45 to 46 means that  the USA is no more the axis mundi and the world doesn't revolve around the U.S. president.