The Destroyer

The world alternates between creation in Genesis and destruction in Revelation. Destruction and creation are chaos and harmony, law and order, judgment and non-judgment, yin and yang, broken and unbroken, split side and smooth side, 0 and 1.

The destroyer is the ruler of the chaos of destruction. 

In 2016, I spoke of the coming of the destroyer of nations. 

"Like a lion coming from its hiding place,

    a destroyer of nations has set out.

He is coming to destroy Judah.

The cities of Judah will be left in ruins,

    and no one will live in them." (Jeremiah 4:7) "GNT"

External worship leads to chaos and internal worship leads to harmony. Humans are headed for destruction whenever they emphasize on external worship than internal worship. 

Israel or the northern kingdom is external worship and Judah or the southern kingdom is internal worship. Israel (10 tribes) is base 10 and Judah (2 tribes) is base 2. The ten tribes are the ten decimals whose sum is 45, which means that the 45 is the external worship leading to destruction. The one who occupied the 45 is the destroyer.

No other way is the destroyer more effective in the destruction of the American Empire and the world built around it than irreversibly damaging America's reputation and the trust the rest of the world had for the U.S.A.

Apart from breaking off the tentacles of the U.S. Empire, telling the world that American electoral system is riddled with fraud is the greatest damage done by the destroyer. 

Citizens of most nations looked up to the U.S.A in awe and wonder because they admired how the American system worked effectively. Exposing America as corrupt and Americans as cheats and thieves trying to steal power and incapable of conducting a free and fair election is demystifying the U.S.A.

Africans once looked up to Europeans as superhumans. But that changed when African soldiers saw Europeans dying, crying and injured in the battlefield during the second world war. The same applies to the whole world watching the drama unfolding in the U.S.A. It will be impossible for an American to earn an automatic spot of leadership after the public display of the entertaining drama of desperate power struggle and power grab, conflict and confusion.

External worship is religion. Religious people speak of religious rules and regulations, physical places of worship and sacred objects and things. Power shift to religion in the U.S.A was a drift from Judah to Israel. Religion is base 10 (Israel) and education is base 2 (Judah). Drifting from education to religion is destroying Judah and sending the people of Judah into exile. 

The temple of God should be in Judah, that is why the whole world looked up to science and technology. Religion leads to destruction, that is why most religions predict an impending doom for the whole world. The destroyer was the ruler of the destruction created by religion.

After the destruction is construction - the relocation of the temple from exile (base 10 or Israel or the north) to Judah (base 2 or the south). The destroyer was the enemy from the north. 

Let education lead.