Sand Dollars

Monetary value of digital data of Christ in an earthen vessel is called sand dollars. The earthen vessel is the house chart, the medium of earth divination transformed to the house of the Lord.

Each isosceles right triangle in the house chart is a Rubik's cube made up of six square faces in which a square face is a 3 x 3 square grid. The square grid is equal to 45 and the cube is 54.

The six square faces are the six Tepals of a Lily so that digital data of Christ in Rubik's cube is the Easter Lily signifying Christ's Resurrection. Rise from misfortune to fortune is the resurrection.

The six squares in an Easter Lily are 54 stars, each star equal to 5. The nine small squares in a square face are nine five-pointed stars. And the Easter Lily is a six-pointed star representing Israel.

A sand dollar has five-pointed star representing the five fingers or five toes. A sand dollar with five holes and a star is the right and left hands joined together to form the ten digits: 0000, 0001, 0010, 0011, 0100, 0101, 0110, 0111, 1000 and 1001. The star and the holes are a male and a female respectively so that the sand dollar is love or matrimony between the holy city (the bride) and the lamb (the bridegroom). 

The five-pointed star in a sand dollar is the star of Bethlehem representing Jesus and the five holes are the wife of Jesus. Sand dollars stands for enormous amount of money as numerous as grains of sand, considering that there are 54 sand dollars in a cube and there are infinite number of cubes in a single cube. 

The cube is block universe and zooming into the cube to uncover the infinite number of cubes is a growth informing the name growing block universe. Using a telescope to uncover new stars is zooming into a block universe. The block grows with every new star uncovered. The stars are sand dollars such that the money acruable from digital data of Christ is as numerous as the stars in the sky. 

Every dollar made from digital data of Christ is the saviour on whom is written "In God We Trust."

Sand dollars are also called sea cookies or sea biscuits. The internet is the sea and the biscuits or cookies are bitcoins. Digital data of Christ in cyberspace is bitcoins called sand dollars.

Newunivars is sand dollars in which digital data of Christ is money stored in ten binary digits equal to the ten fingers. Christ is fortune achievable when we join hands together. To collaborate, cooperate, unite and work together is to join hands together to form sand dollars.

Being in custody of digital data of Christ is having fortune in one's hands. The way to bring out the fortune placed in our hands is to write and publish the information. Money generated from the published data is sand dollars from the sea.