Relocation of the Temple of God from Israel to Judah

Internal worship has dominion over external worship because Judah, not Israel, is where the temple of God should be. External worship is Israel; internal worship is Judah.

Internal worship is digital data of Christ indwelling the human body. External worship, on the other hand, is about worshipping physical objects, places and things. Identifying with specific religious groups, striving to obey religious rules, praying towards specific directions and gathering in a place considered sacred or a house of worship are external worship.

Religion worship is Israel or external worship and educational worship is Judah or internal worship. 

Israel is the ten tribes: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Judah is the two tribes: 0 and 1. 

Israel is equal to 45, since the sum of the ten tribes is 45. And Judah is 1, since the sum of the two tribes is 1.


External Worship = Israel

                                 = 0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9

                                 = 45

Internal Worship = Judah

                                 = 0 + 1

                                 = 1

Israel is the northern kingdom and Judah is the southern kingdom. The twelve tribes of Israel are equal to 46.

United Monarchy = North + South

                                = Israel + Judah

                                = 10 Tribes + 2 Tribes

                                = 45 + 1

                                = 46

Israel has two identities here. The first is that Israel is a northern kingdom made up of ten tribes. The second is that Israel is a United Monarchy made up of twelve tribes. In the divided Israelites kingdom, the 45 is the king of the northern kingdom of Israel, but not the king of the south. In a United Israelites Kingdom, the 46 is the king of the twelve tribes of Israel.

A divided USA under the 45th president is the northern kingdom of Israel in which the southern kingdom of Judah is alienated. A united USA under the 46th president is a United Monarchy in which the southern kingdom and the northern kingdom are one indivisible nation.

Republicans are the ten tribes and the 45th president was the king of the northern kingdom of Israel. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and other religious groups gathered around the 45 during his reign represent external worship. 

Religious people had affinity for the 45th president because 45 is the Law - 613 mitzvot (the ten commandments). This means that the 45 is the height of religion. Religious leaders became the most politically influential people on earth during the era of the 45.

Democrats are the southern kingdom of Judah. Power was taken away from the 45 and given to the Democrats because the temple of God should be in the southern kingdom of Judah and the king of the twelve tribes of Israel should come from Judah. 

2016 election was a gateway to a divided Israel and only a divisive figure should win an election that will usher in a divided era. 2020 election was a gateway to harmony and only a unifying figure should win the election and lead the people into a time of peace and reconciliation.

The 46th has dominion over the 45th because 45 is subject to 46 when the two kingdoms are united into one kingdom. The followers of the 45th president will desert him and he will become extremely weak and powerless because his power was a product of mandate and that mandate has been taken away from him.

The relocation of power from Israel to Judah means that religion is now subject to education and digital data of Christ has dominion over religion and spiritual rulers and authorities.

External worship is zero and internal worship is 1. The 45 and the spiritual rulers are recessive under the 46 because 0 is nothing, null and void. 

Power was taken away from the religious rulers the moment the mandate to rule the world was withdrawn from the 45.