White House Jail Break

White House is a prison in Benin City, and White House jail break is the escape of prisoners from the Benin prison during endsars protests against police brutality and extortion in Nigeria.

Americans were the police of the world and White House was where prisoners from all countries were imprisoned. People living in slums and ghettos around the world were prisoners incarcerated in the U.S. White House.

America sat on top of the world and Americans were gods over all humans on earth. They sat in the sky, from where the U.S. president could look down from the sky on any place or location on earth and, like a dragon, spit fire from the sky.

Global progress and prosperity depend on who occupies the axis mundi. When a generous person is the axis mundi, the world prospers. Money flows from the rich to the poor, more people are lifted from poverty to riches, there is rapid growth and development in poor countries, the world is healthy, and there is more collaboration, cooperation and connection between people of different tribes, races, nations and languages. When a greedy man is the axis mundi, global progress and prosperity are stalled and the world suffers poverty, diseases and retrogression. 

Rapid progress and prosperity in developing countries became a threat to the people who were on top of the food chain. Many nations were rising out of poverty at a very fast pace prior to 2016. Brazil, Mexico, asian countries, south Africa, Nigeria, etc., were all rising out of poverty.

The global order of international connection, collaboration and cooperation that catalyzed rapid growth, progress and prosperity in poor nations was toppled by people who feared that they will lose their special privileges if the level playing field that allowed more people to rise to the top is sustained.

They took over the World Bank, disrupted the functions of international organizations and institutions, created obstacles that made it very difficult for developing countries to benefit from international trade. Measures were put in place to discourage, limit and stop prosperity and progress in developing countries. Poor nation can buy easily from rich nations but poor nations can't sell easily to rich nations. Consequently, poor people all over the world were put in chains of poverty and placed in the White House prison.

Poverty is suffocating the poor because the people on top of the food chain are kneeling on their necks. They can't breathe. They could set up road block, arrest a country or people, detain them, bring accusations against them, convict and lock them in White House prison, because Americans were 4 and 5 and whoever occupies the center of the world controls prosperity and determines who gets rich or poor.

Americans had power over life and death because to be rich is to live and to be poor is to die.

The eviction of the USA from 4 and 5 is White House jail break because Americans are no longer the centre of the world, and prosperity and progress will flow freely to all parts of the world.

Change in the balance of power from 4 and 5 to 3 and 6 at the U.S. Supreme Court means America had been removed from the axis mundi (45) and Americans are no more gods over the rest of the world. They are no more on top of the food chain and the U.S. president occupying the 45 had been brought down from the sky to the earth.

Successive world powers were axis mundis brought down from the sky. Rome was the axis mundi during the reign of the Roman empire. Rome was thrown down from the sky and the Roman empire fell.

Any nation or kingdom nursing the ambition of rising to a world power should know that they will grow strong for a while and then will be thrown down.