Tohu and Tikun

Tohu and Tikun are yin and yang in Chinese, split side and smooth side of a cowry shell, broken and unbroken line, double line and single line in Ifa, base 10 and base 2, and 0 and 1.

Tohu is conflict or chaos. Tikun is harmony or the cosmos. To sustain Tohu, the enemy of man must do everything possible to polarize human societies. If you say yes, he says no. If you say no in order to agree with him, he says yes in order to oppose you and create a conflict. The enemy of man isn't interested in either good or evil. He is interested in creating division or polarizing human societies because his power is sustained by the opposing effect of yin and yang. The conflict between yin and yang is Tohu-Tikun.

Destruction and creation in the Bible are Tohu and Tikun respectively. The world is a fragile vessel like a bottle or clay pot. When smashed or broken, the world is Tohu. When the pieces are gathered together and molded into a new clay pot or recycled to a new bottle, the world is Tikun.

"There was spoilage for the sake of fixing and destruction for the sake of rebuilding"

— Isaac Luria

The world is humanity. Whenever the world is destroyed, humans are extremely divided and chaos reign. In Tohu, the strong, rich and powerful reign and the weak, poor and powerless are trampled on. Whenever the world is created, humans are united. In Tikun, the weak and poor reign.

God is the God of the poor and the underdog. 

"God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things" (1 Corinthians 1:27-28) "NIV"

Despised things - the latrines.

Human mindset of destruction and end of the world are different from what God meant. 

The world had been destroyed prior to 2017. The division, confusion and extremism experienced in the last four years are a world in a state of destruction. 

In Hebrew, the world is Olam,  עוֹלָם הַתֹּ֫הוּ‎  (Olam HaTohu) is the world of Tohu and עוֹלָם הַתִקוּן‎  (Olam HaTikun) is the world of Tikun. The world of Tohu is chaos/confusion and the world of Tikun is order/rectification.

In the year 2016 and throughout the past four years, the divisive and chaotic side was the winning side. It was the time when the bad guys in the movie win. The Bible describes it as the time humans become extremely wicked. Individuals, People, organizations and groups skilled in causing confusion, dividing people, creating fear and telling lies were the winners in the last five years.

Christ came to gather what has been scattered.

Tikun is a vessel and Tohu is the shattered vessel. When the Bible says "you will break them in pieces" it means someone has been chosen to destroy the world and create a new world. He is chosen from among humans and delivered up for persecution. He will endure in long suffering under the reign of chaos because his time in the old world is over and his life is in the next world. After the time of suffering is over, God gives him the authority to destroy the chaotic world and create a new world. 

The world is reality. God smashes the world to pieces, and reality is broken. Then the world enters into an era of alternate reality called Olam HaTohu. An alternate reality superstar is chosen to rule the world of Tohun until the creation of the new world.

The pieces of the broken vessel represent a fragmented and divided world. 

Then the pieces are gathered together and recycled into a new vessel called Olam HaTikun. All the people previously divided are united into one people and a new world begins.