Shithole Countries

Shithole countries are Haiti, Nigeria, African countries and other places notorious for practicing vodun (voodoo), juju and different forms of geomancy. The offensive smell of a shithole country is perceived in Vodun or juju (ju-ju) talismans or "fetishes" that include dried human and animal parts sold in fetish markets or fetish sections of major markets in shithole countries.

The use of the term "shithole countries" to describe Haiti and African countries originated from Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America.

Christians in America and other parts of the world saw in Trump someone chosen by God to bring America and the rest of the world to God. The things Trump did and said in the past four years should lead people to God, except that Trump's approach was the way humans do it and newunivars is the way God wants it done.

Redemption has two sides: yin and yang. Yin comes first and yang comes next. People whose mindset of redemption is yin are allowed to present their case and show the world how it should be done before the true redemption. They were given the opportunity to chose their own redeemer, and when they chose Trump and sent him, rather than convert the shitholes to biogas digesters and give life to the world, he built a fence to seal off the latrines. 

Geomancy is faeces, and nations where the practice of geomancy is endemic are the latrines of the whole world. Slums and Ghettos in Lagos are physical manifestations of the shithole that is Nigeria.

Most people in shithole countries are usually impoverished, trashy, uncouth and irrational. Shithole countries are not innovative because they depend too much on the power of magic or miracle.

One word for a shithole country is chaos or confusion. When young and educated Nigerian youths came out to protest, hoodlums came from the ghettos and slums to hijack the peaceful protest and turned it into confusion and  chaos.

Nigerians were the most hated people on earth because of the enormous amount of fecal matter deposited in Nigeria. People had to become desperate in order to escape the hardships of the dungeon called Nigeria but desperation itself complicated the problems confronting Nigerians. 

The smell of the human excrement is so offensive that citizens of other countries find Nigerians repulsive. You hear of South Africans, Ghanaians, Europeans, etc, asking Nigerians to leave their countries because they could perceive the smell of the sin of the whole world whenever they see Nigerians. 

Human faeces is now the new gold. Sin is faeces. Any nation that has large deposit of sin is a goldmine of life for the whole world. The beauty is that shithole countries are the source of clean energy for the whole world. 

When placed in a biogas digester, sin is converted from faeces to clean energy. Sin is yin and clean energy is Qi. Newunivars is a digester from where the sin of Nigeria and other shithole countries is converted from faeces to Qi life force, bringing sustainability and balance to the nations and the ecosystem.

The sin of the world placed on Nigerians is wiped off and Nigerians are washed clean by converting the chaos in Nigeria to Qi life force.