Qi Currency

Qi is the new global currency and base 16 is the new World Bank. Qi energy flowing from base 16 to different parts of the world is money from World Bank bringing progress and prosperity to all people.

Wherever Qi goes, there is World Bank.

Qi is represented by Tao symbol and Tao is a gold coin in which yang is the head and yin the tail.

The relationship between yin and yang is either chaos or harmony. Chaos means that yin and yang are separate. Harmony means that yin and yang are united. A coin is harmony because yin and yang are the two sides of a single object.

A world depleted of Qi is impoverished because decrease in the level of Qi is directly proportional to withdrawing money from circulation. Little or no progress is recorded when there is little or no Qi energy.

The good news is that the lesser the amount of Qi in circulation the more money stored in the World Bank. Today, the World Bank is filled to capacity and is ready to open the floodgate of money to the world.

High level of Qi corresponds to more collaboration, more wealth and more connection. 

Social distancing, economic shut down, and travel restrictions worldwide are physical manifestations of a world totally depleted of Qi and a World Bank filled with money.

Money is destroyed and its value is stored in the World Bank whenever a unit of Qi is splitted to yin and yang. The kingdom of heaven is about how prosperity and progress circulate between the people of the earth and the World Bank. The United Monarchy is money, and the divided Israelites Kingdom is poverty. 

Division is chaos. The more chaos is depleted, the more Qi released from the World Bank to the world and the higher the number of people lifted from poverty.

Qi is a cowry shell in which the split side is yin and the smooth side yang. Since cowry is Cedi, releasing Qi into the world is minting more Cedis by the World Bank.

If the exchange rate of US Dollar to Ghanaian Cedi is 0.17 to 1, the value of one unit of Qi is 0.17 Dollar. The more money minted by the World Bank the more US Dollars released to lift people out of poverty.

Converting chaos to Qi currency is converting faecal matter to clean energy. Biogas digester is the World Bank.