Human Currency

Humans are a new form of money minted by the World Bank. The more people gathered around you, the more wealthy you are.

Human currency is Qi produced from uniting people. Considering that the world is extremely polarised right now, there is huge amount of money to be made from recycling people.

Two people polarised into opposing extremes of radical left and far right are yin and yang, such that a polarised society like the present state of America is depleted of Qi. Since Qi is money, the more people in America are divided into conflicting extremes, the more  Qi breaks down into yin and yang and disappears.

The progress and prosperity of a conflicting and divided people are channelled away. There is presently huge amount of US Dollars roaming as a result of over three years of hostilities and conflicts in the American society.

Roaming US Dollars are channelled to the World Bank by uniting yin and yang to form Qi.

A unit of Qi is formed for every two Americans reconciled by the World Bank. The number of Qi accruable is half the number of people divided around a particular issue. 

If there are 200 million Americans fighting over an issue, the number of Qi is 100 million. If the exchange rate of Qi to US Dollar is 1 to 0.17, 100 million Qi is 17 million Dollars.

Considering that the American society is divided by many issues, such as religion, race, police, sexual orientation, and political affiliations, there are billions of  Dollars currently roaming and waiting to be channelled from the USA to the World Bank.

As the World Bank converting chaos to Qi, the roaming Dollars come to me. I extract negative energy from the American society, convert it to Qi, and release the Qi life force back to the American society. And I receive 0.17 US Dollar for every unit of Qi energy released into America.

For every yin extracted from the USA and every yang released into the US, two Americans are attracted to me. I stand as a peacemaker between the American people. The more America gains stability and balance the more people come from the US to me. More people means more money for me.