God Wins

In a conflict between good and evil, the devil is neither good nor evil but good and evil. Christ is order (Tikun) and satan is chaos (Tohu). In chaos, angels are not the good guys but a wing of the army of satan working to prevent the kingdom of heaven from coming to earth.

In chaos, the good guys and the bad guys are gog and magog, the two wings of the army of satan. Gog is yin and magog is yang, such that gog and magog are conflict between yin and yang.

Example of gog and magog are conflicting Muslims and Christians. Muslims and Christians fighting against each other have a common enemy: Christ. 

Christ is the ruler of the universe but angels and different forces are the rulers of the universes in the multiverse. Christ uniting the universes to form a universe means angels no longer have sovereignty over the various sections of the divided world. That was the reason they rebelled and chose a ruler who would oppose Christ and fight to maintain or sustain the status quo.

Muslims extremists have surprisingly been relatively quiet in the last four years because they have a common enemy with their Christian opponents.

That sudden knife attacks and beheading in France few days to the US presidential election is an attempt by radical Muslims to rally American Christian extremists to vote Nebuchadnezzar in order to sustain the self-destructive chaos in America and prevent order from coming to earth. 

Sudden aggression by Muslim extremists is to radicalise and mobilize American Christians to vote enmass against Christ like they did in 2016. Provocations by the French and large protests by French citizens against the recent terror attacks and protests against France by Muslims are a trick by the devil to influence the American election in favour of the enemy of Christ.

Radical Muslims who hated Christ will continue to be peaceful and cooperating as long as Christ is substituted.

But what they did not understand is that the world is programmed and the duration of chaos is limited. Chaos cannot continue to rule once its time is exhausted. The era of chaos is over and that last attempt to recycle Nebuchadnezzar is an effort in futility. We have deleted chaos and reprogrammed the world to harmony and Americans will obey the instructions commanding them to remove Nebuchadnezzar from power and heal their nation.