Fake News and Misinformation in Olam HaTohu

If it is a lie, if it is meant to deceive and exploit people, it will attract people and money. That is the characteristic of the world of Tohu.

Reality was broken and the identify of the world became Tohu. Under Tohu, lie is truth and truth is lie. People were more likely to believe the lie than the truth in the last five years.

News organizations, TV anchors and radio hosts that are highly crafty were the most successful in the last five years because the identify of the world was Tohu - chaos/confusion. 

It is all about the rating. Your ratings will be low and you will have less viewers or listeners or readers if you decide to disseminate the truth during the era of Tohu. It is not the value of your work that determines your success but how many people were attracted by your work. The ratings of people who are trying to tell the truth are lower because truth is repulsive and boring to most people during the era of Tohu (yin).

Deceptive bloggers, vloggers and podcasters have been very successful during the era of Tohu. They turn real stories into alternate truth (lie) and are rewarded with more viewers, subscribers and revenues because people believe and love the lie than the truth in the world of Tohu.

In Tohu, the good guy is the loser and the bad guy is the winner. The bad guy becomes rich and famous because everyone wants to identify with a winner.

Under Tohu, more people believe lie than truth and are easily deceived and duped by fraudsters. Scamming has been the most lucrative career in the last ten years. Write about a fake business offer and post it online and people will believe you and seek to invest in it. But no one will believe you if you present an authentic business plan. 

Initiate a dating and romance scam with a female and she will believe whatever you say. She will send you money if you tell her lies. If you decide to be truthful and considerate, don't expect any money from her. Lie and deception are the secret of making money in a dating and romance scam.

In the world of Tohu, misinformation gets more engagement. Use a fake video to narrate an entirely unrelated story and post it online, invent a false story and post it on social media, write an article and give it a misleading title, create a YouTube video and give it a title different from the content, write a false story about someone famous and post it online, and it will go viral. 

From the end of 2016 to the end of 2020, the winning formula was Tohu. Trump won the 2016 US presidential election and defeated everyone that opposed him in the last four years because the world was Tohu in which masters of confusion, conflict, chaos, lies and deceit were the smartest people on earth.

Trump has already lost the 2020 US presidential election before November 3rd because the world is in the beginning of the era of Tikun and Trump is using the Tohu formula of 2016 in a Tikun election. 

Tikun is rectification and order. In the 2020 US presidential election, the smart guys are the people talking about unity and bringing people together, adhering to social distancing and obeying the rules. The winning side is neither left nor right, but the middle. That is why Biden won the election before November 3rd.

The era of fake news and misinformation has expired. The world is now in an era of truth and intelligence. People who perpetuate lies and deception will become unpopular, repulsive, poor and powerless. Everyone will see through their lies.

In this new era of Tikun, no one will believe  anyone who post lies or deception online in order to defraud others. The reason is that truth reigns, everyone is seeking for the truth, and people believe the truth in this new world of Tikun.