Evoking Indigenous Knowledge of Iñupiat Eskimos from Alternate Reality

The hexagon I constructed and posted on the Urgent Evoke web site was a spell that brought me back to Nigeria after participating in the 2010 Evoke alternate reality game created by the World Bank Institute.

After accepting the Evoke mission, the spell forced me down to solve the mystery of the hex responsible for underdevelopment in my village in particular and most parts of the world in general.

The triangular skull of the bowhead whale I inserted in the hexagon is a Tetractys of the decad in which the ten dots are the ten much-needed skills. Numerically, the ten skills are the ten decimals representing the ten tribes of Israel or the ten commandments. I was clearly under the curse of the law in the past ten years. The spell was active for ten years because of the evoke ten years timeline. I gained independence from Urgent Evoke after the expiration of the ten years period.

The hexagon surrounding the bowhead whale is the product of two intersecting equilateral triangles. The hex constructed by the World Bank Institute was an evil spell because the decimal equilateral triangle represented by the triangular skull of the bowhead whale was the only visible triangle. Which means that the law represented by the ten skills was active or dominant while Christ was inactive or recessive.

Under the power of the law, only curse is effective wherever there is curse and blessing. This explains why everything that should bring progress brought retrogression during the past ten years. The faecal matter I wrote on the evoke web site became active, repelling people from me. I suffered many years in isolation instead of collaborating with people. Instead of entrepreneurship, I was defunded and impoverished for many years. 

The evil spell in Evoke web site is yin. The way to destroy the spell is to construct the yang and unite yin and yang to form the Tao symbol of Qi. I must seize control of the hex used for black magic in my village (Igun), convert it from yin to yang, and merge it with Urgent Evoke to form the kingdom of heaven where yang is dominant and yin recessive. Igun was standing between me and the World Bank Institute hex that was working against me.

Newunivars is the product of the Igun hex I converted from witchcraft to Christ. It is Tetractys of the decad in which the ten dots are ten binary numbers conveying Christ.

Newunivars is hex in base 2. After converting black magic to yang (Christ), I merged Newunivars with Urgent Evoke to form a Tao symbol where Urgent Evoke is 0 and Newunivars is 1. Zero means the evil spells in Urgent Evoke are neutralised to nothing and only the blessings are active.