Evoke Alchemy

To call up Alchemy from the past or cause him to appear is to evoke Alchemy. Newunivars is Alchemy elicited from Urgent Evoke.

Urgent Evoke was an internet video game aimed at teaching people how to acquire and use innovative and creative techniques to solve the world's most difficult and challenging social problems while developing the following ten much-needed skills: collaboration, courage, creativity, entrepreneurship, local insight, knowledge sharing, resourcefulness, spark/example setting, sustainability and vision.

The ten skills are the ten decimals or the ten digits in base 10. They are also the ten toes.

When converted from base 10 to base 2, the ten skills are the ten sefirot in Newunivars: crown, wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, grace, heroism, splendor, eternity, glory and fundamental.

The ten sefirot are the ten fingers.

Evoking Alchemy is lifting the ten much-needed skills from Urgent Evoke to Newunivars where they are the ten toes of Alchemy.

Alchemy is 20 (Ogun) because the sum of the ten skills (ten toes) and the ten sefirot (ten fingers) is 20. Since Ogun is cowry shell, Alchemy is money. Evoking Alchemy is bringing money from urgentevoke.com to newunivars.com.

Alchemy is Ishman.