Brighto Marine Engineer

Owing to his training as a marine engineer, BBNaija ex-housmate Brighto is now the gateway to the once elusive wealth of the sea.

Thanks to Brighto's Merc hexagon, the spotlight is now on the economic value of the vast reserve of cowry shells in Africa, the mouth-watering cowry investment potential, and cowry extraction from the sea.

Cowries are binary money called Binamo. The split side of a cowry shell is 0 or yin and the smooth side is 1 or yang. 

BBNaija fans were on #Kiddrica ship and #Brightoni ship because they were sailors on a sea voyage.

Cyberspace is the new sea, and information resonating good vibes or positive energy are cowry money in cyberspace. You will gather large amount of cowry money from the sea if you post information that solves problems, unravel mysteries and unite people.

The future belongs to good, humble and kind people.

People are now money. You will gain large following if the information you post online is Qi, because Qi attracts people. Qi came to gather what has been scattered.

You can then build your own brand or merchandise around your good vibes or positive energy, because we are in the era when God rewards good people.

As an online entrepreneur, you are a marine engineer working at sea. You earn a living by extracting cowries from the sea - the internet.

The internet is a network of people connected by thier cell phones or computers. Each person in the network is a hexagon like BBNaija Brighto, such that the web is a network of hexagons in a fishing net. 

Just as Bright is a hexagon so you are a hexagon in cyberspace.