BLM means black lives matter or blue lives matter. Life is Qi and BLM means that there is a valuable life force or energy in black and blue.

The winning colours in 2016 were red and white. White stands for white people. Whoever receives the backing of white people in the year of red and white is the winner. The Republican presidential candidate won the 2016 election because he received majority of white votes and the colour of the Republican party is red.

God is about balance between opposite sides. Blue is the opposite of red, that is why the colours of the two major political parties in the USA are red and blue. Black is the opposite of white in chaos, which means black people are the opposite of white people in alternate reality. Chaos is when black and white people are conflicting or when the Republican party and Democratic party are conflicting. 

Conflict between democrats and republicans is the product of extremism. The USA turned into chaos because the Republican party became a far right political party and the Democratic party shifted to the left in order to oppose and counteract the far right.

White police officers frequently shooting and killing black people in the USA and subsequent riots, looting, violence and destruction by black protesters are manifestations of chaos created by the conflict between black and white or yin and yang.

To balance the effect of the 2016 US presidential election, the winning colours of the 2020 election are blue and black. Blue is the colour of the Democratic party and black stands for black people. Whoever receives majority black votes in the 2020 US presidential election is the winner. This means that the democratic presidential candidate supporting BLM will win the 2020 US presidential election.

In an attempt to counter Black Lives Matter, the republicans created Blue Lives Matter which is an endorsement of the winning letters: BLM. Both Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter in BLM point to a democratic victory.