Big Brother Opened Door

Part 1 of Big Brother Naija season 5 was lockdown, part 2 is opened door, and the key to the house is Qi.

"Behold, a door standing open in heaven." (Revelation 4:1) "NKJV"

Locked down house had only twenty housemates. BBNaija opened door house is open to everyone. All humans on earth are participants in a global reality show that has two superstars - the villain and the superhero.  The vallain was the antagonist on the split side of the cowry shell. The antagonist must reign as the sole reality star until towards the end of 2020. Then the hero will appear.

The 20 BBNaija housemates are two tetractys or two equilateral triangles fused to form the house chart - 16  isosceles right triangles. 

An isosceles right triangle is a triangular structure of a cowry shell, such that the sixteen isosceles triangles in a house chart are the sixteen principal Odu. 

An Odu has in itself the sixteen principal Odu, such that there are infinite number of Odu in different layers related by Droste Effect. Each Odu is a human being in whom are people of every tribe, race, nation and language.

"Some words may hide others" - Arthur and the invisibles

Housemates in opened door house are visible on zoom. You will find other housemates by zooming into the housemates that you could see.

All humans and everything in the universe are related by the concept of fractal. I may not be Yoruba physically, but you will find the Yorubas when you zoom into me. You will find the Chinese when you zoom into Yoruba people. You will find Americans when you zoom into the Chinese. You will find the Eskimos when you zoom into the Hebrews. You will find the Muslims when you zoom into the Christians. And you will find Hindus when you zoom into Ghanaians.

One of us is all of us and all of us are one of us. 

All people on earth are fellow passengers traveling together to a bright and prosperous future. Each person is a bright star such that all people on earth are the stars of the cosmos. Odu or cosmos where we are shining stars is the six-pointed star called hexagram or star of David.

All people on earth are Israelites, numerous as the stars of the cosmos. We are reality stars in one reality superstar.