BBNaija Full Chest

 Dorathy's "with my full chest" inspiring "Big Brother Full Chest" house is a treasure chest full of money. BBNaija season 6 will be a bumper harvest for participating housemates and the eventual winner if this title is adopted.

The future belongs to people who think constructively, bringing treasures of good things out of their hearts. That future is now, and Full Chest is part 2 of the 2020 edition of Big Brother Naija.

Everything on earth has only a positive side. Every word, phrase, clause or sentence interpreted to cause pain and sadness have in reality joy and happiness in it. 

Starting from now, prosperity and progress will start moving away from negative vibes to positive vibes. The fortunes of people who see things in negative light will flow to those that are constantly looking out for the good sides of everyone and everything.

'With my full chest' means that BBDorathy's box is loaded with money. It means Dorathy is a symbol of great fortune and progress, and prosperity will flow towards only those who accept this interpretation of "with my full chest."

We are in an era when fortune flows with positive energy. You are rewarded with Qi  currency everytime you turn negative to positive.

You will gather large amount of Qi into your bank account and become extremely rich if you see only good in people and things.