Evoke Hex Game

Although the 2010 Evoke game was intended to bring about positive change to Africa, the game was in reality the reflection of witchcraft.

A disguised Alchemy stands for an African grand wizard. And a network of agents collaborating in darkness is an international network of witches holding meeting at night.

Night stands for secrecy.

The coven is the internet and the witches and wizards are people sitting behind computers and cell phones. Their job is to place us under surveillance and secretly monitor us wherever we go online in order to destroy and ruin everything we do.

In Africa, witches are known to thrive in the misfortunes of people and oppose anything capable of bringing progress and prosperity.

Witches would do anything to destroy you. 

Evoke alternate reality game was infiltrated by people who used the platform to create a vast network of internet witches and wizards working against the aims and objectives of the game. 

As there are black witches so there are white witches. The fact that white supremacists were coordinated the network of internet witches reveals that Witchcraft in the western world is real.

The mystery and secrecy surrounding the game gave them a perfect cover to operate underground without anyone noticing their activities.

Google employees, Facebook employees and Twitter employees are part of the internet coven collaborating to hide us and bury everything we post online. 

There are primitive witches and there are sophisticated witches. Primitive witches are sorcerers in local places. Many sophisticated witches are programmers working for big corporations. Most people think that witchcraft is a fiction or fantasy even though witches are real people and many of them  are people working in Silicon Valley.

Exposing the vast network of rogue agents working behind the scenes to destroy us and ensure that we continue to live in bondage is evoking witchcraft.

Nothing attracts witches more than anything that will set people free. As some people came to collaborate to build so others came to to collaborate to destroy.

People who benefit from the misfortunes of others usually oppose anything anything capable of attracting fortune. They are threatened by anything that will lift people up because they fear they will lose their privilege and special status if more people are allowed to climb the food chain.