Evoke Ten Years Timeline

 Evoke agents had a timeline of 2010 to 2020 to act as undercover agents solving world problems such as poverty, food insecurity, water shortage, global warming, environmental degradation, electric power shortage, etc.

In reality, the solution to these problems is for agents to found non-govermental organisations executing projects such as farm projects, water projects and biogas projects in affected communities. 

In alternate reality, the solution to these problems is to evoke indigenous knowledge of science and technology concealed in local traditions, customs and religions of indigenous people. Here, an Evoke agent is a "gentleman scientist" or independent researcher developing a set of theories and principles that will ignite the fire of curiousity, reasoning and inventions in the hearts of indigenous people.

Teaching the knowledge of games evoked from cultures, traditions and religions of indigenous people is the universal solution to global warming, environmental pollution, famine, diseases, conflict, etc, because the games are designed to trigger reasoning and application of logic to local problems and challenges.

Indigenous people are already familiar with the objects and things from where games are evoked. The next step is to open their hearts to understanding the mathematics, computer science, geometry and physics latent in amulets, bracelets, shrines, altars, folktales, bones, rocks and snowflakes.

Alternate reality and reality are two different worlds. In reality, the people are poor, dependent, helpless and incapable of solving their own problems. In  alternate reality, they have developed unique technologies inspired by knowledge of games evoked from their own cultures, taditions and religions and are now independent and enjoying a high standard of living. Rising from poverty to riches is moving from an old world to a new world. 

In Evoke ten years timeline, 10 in 2010 is an equilateral triangle and 20 in 2020 is a hexagram. In Chinese, the equilateral triangle is a trigram and the hexagram is I Ching hexagram.

I Ching hexagram is Tao in which the two intersecting equilateral triangles are yin and yang. The past ten years were the era of the reign of yin. The years after 2020 are the era of yang.

The triangle is the beginning of mystery and the hexagram is the end of mystery. Within the period of transition from triangle to hexagram, agents were unknown people working for ten years without pay or reward.

The good news is that there is a cube beyond the hexagram. 2021 is the beginning of the year of the cube. 21 in 2021 is jackpot (777).

Ten years unpaid wages are gathered and paid in year 2021.