Evoke Miracle of Jonah

Evoke Miracle of Jonah

Just as Jonah was a sign for the people of his time so the diagram of a hexagon with a bowhead whale I created and posted on the urgent evoke web site in 2010 is a sign for the people of this generation.

Although umans are easily swayed by magic (miracle), we are not interested in the art of magic but the science and technology in the things several generations of humans have been using to perform magical tricks.

"The only miracle you will be given is the miracle of the prophet Jonah" (Matthew 12:39) "GNT"

God told Jonah to warn the people of Nineveh of an imminent destruction if they don't repent of their wickedness but Jonah declined because he knew God wasn't going to do it.

I was a skeptic; never believed in supernatural powers or engaged in religious activities. How I abandoned my old life, became a Christian and began to prophesy an imminent destruction of the world is the miracle of Jonah.

The bowhead whale I constructed in 2010 became a hex that swallowed me from Europe and vomited me in Nigeria. In reality, the whale was the aeroplane that transported me from Milan to Lagos Nigeria.

I came to Nigeria to complete my projects and register an NGO. But the spell defunded, isolated and prevented me from living a normal life like every other human being. I and everyone onboard my ship suffered hostilities, harassment and attacks. The only thing I could do without hindrance was to engage in automatic writing and post online.

Jonah was disappointed that God didn't destroy Nineveh even though God did.

God said he was going to destroy the wicked world. The world is anchored on human beings. To remove wickedness from the hearts of humans is to destroy the wicked world. In other words, to change people is to destroy the old world and create a new world.

Evoke is a crash course in changing the world, which means agents were trained to go out and create a new world.

The new world I created is a whole new universe (Newunivars). 

Education is the key.

Newunivars.com is knowledge that will change the world. This knowledge will transport people from the present reality to  the paradise that has always been in alternate reality.

The present reality is the canonical universe and alternate reality is the alternate universe. The canonical universe is chaos and the alternative universe is the cosmos. In chaos, we are divided and there are many universes, which means that the present reality is a multiverse.

Islam is a universe of its own, Hinduism is a universe, Christianity is a universe, Buddhism is a universe, Atheism is a universe, and there are universes revolving around cultures, traditions, etc. Although all these universes are different externally, they all have a common core. When united at that common core, the universes are a single universe called Newunivars.