Evoke Ifa Game

Ultimately, Ifa is digits. There is nothing in the centre of what people worship and call god or gods than a network of numbers forming geometric shapes of educational games that could change the world.

The sixteen principal Odu are each equal to 54 which stands for the World Bank. The sum of the last four Odu is 54 (World Bank) and the first twelve Odu are twelve gates to the Borld Bank. The cowries used for divination are money, and the palm kernels are perfection or jackpot. Ifa is simply money raising poor people from a low standard of living to a high standard of living through educational games.

Transforming the crude materials used for divination to digital data of World Bank educational games is practising Alchemy.

Ifa is a type of geomancy practiced by Yoruba people of Nigeria. Considering that geomancy is one of the seven forbidden arts, who would ever believe that educational games that could change the world to a better place could be found in geomancy?

Anything that is forbidden is like a smelling human excrement. No one wants to touch it or go near it. Associating with geomancy is akin to rubbing human faeces on your face. It leads to rejection and isolation.

A disguised Alchemy hidden in darkness is a typical Babalawo (geomancer). Fortune seekers secretly consult him but no one wants to openly associate with him. 

But a revealed Alchemy is an attractive researcher, philosopher, teacher and scientist.

Newunivars is a Biogas digester converting geomancy (faeces) to digital data of World Bank educational games that could transform the world to a prosperous, peaceful and just place.