Evoke Game

The holy city is revealed by evoking games from diverse religions, cultures and indigenous knowledge of divinity among indigenous people.

Evoke Game is 54.

Evoke (five letters) = 5

Game (four letters) = 4

Evoke Game = 5 and 4

                       = 54

5 and 4 are 5 × 4 = 20. Since 20 is Ogun, Evoke Game is Ogun. And the games evoked are Igun (plural of Ogun).

Games such as ludo, card games, pachisi, dreidel and sudoku are evoked from various cultures, religions and indigenous knowledge of indigenous people.

An Ogun is a cowry shell whose split side is the base angles and smooth side the right angle of an isosceles right triangle. This means that Evoke Game is an isosceles right triangle or a cowrie shell.

The two halves of the split side of a cowry shell or the base angles of an isosceles right triangle are equilateral triangles. A cowry shell is a hexagram formed by two intersecting equilateral triangles. 

The hexagram is the symbol of identity of Israel, which means Evoke Game is Israel. 

The hexagram is a Tao symbol in which the intersecting equilateral triangles are yin and yang. Yin is negative energy and yang is positive energy.

When yin is dominant and yang is recessive, Evoke Game is chaos or judgement or the tree of knowledge of good and evil. When yang is dominant and yin recessive, Evoke Game is the cosmos or non-judgment or the tree of life.

In harmony, yin and yang are Chi (or Qi) life force healing the world of poverty, diseases, global warming, pollution, conflicts, etc.

The Garden of Eden is the whole earth. As Israel or the tree in the middle of the garden, Evoke Game could either solve the world's problem or worsen it. 

Evoke Game is capable of creating conflict, hate and division among people as much as it symbolises love. 

Evoke Game (54) = Love

                               = L+O+V+E

                               = 12+15+22+5

                               = 54