Evoke Game House Chart

Evoke Game is a house chart equal to 54. In geomancy, the house chart is comprised of sixteen isosceles right triangles corresponding to sixteen cowry shells known as merindillogun in cowry divination. 

Throwing cowries during divination is evoking. 

In a house chart, the first twelve isosceles right triangles are twelve houses surrounding a centralised square. The twelve houses are the twelve tribes of Israel, and the centralised square is Jerusalem - the capital of Israel.

Evoke Game is the new Israel whose capital is the new Jerusalemmk

The last four isosceles right triangles are the four sides of the centralised square. 

The square is the holy city whose four sides are the four cardinal points: north, east, west and south. The first twelve isosceles right triangles are the twelve gates into the holy city.

There are three isosceles right triangles on each side of the square so that there are three gates in the north, three in the east, three in the west, and three in the south.