Evoke Dark Site

Evoking a dark site is activating an invisible website created to combat future crisis or emergency. 

In 2010, Evoke agents were taught how to create and deploy a dark web site against future problems such as epidemics, natural disasters and famine. Just as agents were designed to work undercover so any website they create to solve problems were concealed in cyberspace.

Newunivars.com had been a dark web site created to combat and defeat problems confronting the world. Although it is constantly updated, it has been almost invisible. Evoking a dark site like newunivars.com is deploying and detonated a powerful and potent weapon.

Evoke agents were by design saviours trained and sent out to save the world, and that is what newunivars is about. 

2010 Evoke alternate reality game was a crash course in changing the world. Since the world is anchored on humans, the effective way to change the world is to change people. And the best way to change people is through is through education. Newunivars is a web site built to educate people, and that is what a dark site does.

Newunivars.com is the antidote for all of the problems Evoke alternate reality game was meant to solve. It is the cure for global warming, poverty, famine, pollution, etc, because man's practical problems were created by man.

Humans are constantly creating the future. Whether the world is just or not and whether life on earth is threatened or not are products of the world humans created.

The world as it were had been chaos created by humans. Newunivars is the construction of harmony from chaos. The same formula used for creating harmony from chaos could be triggered against diseases, environmental degradation, water crises, extremism, etc, when newunivars.com is activated.

The information contained in newunivars.com will enlighten people of the law constantly creating the future of mankind and transform the hearts of people in a way that humans will begin to create a secure, prosperous future devoid of annihilation of the human race and extinction of plants and animals. It will also create balance within the ecosystem and within the human body and between people of different races, nations, tribes and languages.