Evoke Crash Course in Changing the World

To activate newunivars.com is to evoke the crash course in changing the world. Urgent evoke.com is the beginning and www.newunivars.com is the end of the crash course in changing the world.

The mission to change the world began with Evoke alternate reality game in 2010 and ended with newunivars.com in 2020, which means Evoke and Newunivars are the beginning and the end. 

Evoke is yin, Newunivars is yang, and the ten years journey from Urgent Evoke to Newunivars is a transition from yin to yang. 

At Urgent Evoke, yin is negative and yang is positive. At Newunivars, yin is zero and yang is one. In other words, Urgent Evoke is the split side of a cowry shell and Newunivars is the smooth side of the cowrie. The two halves of the split side are two extremes or two polls indicating that Urgent Evoke is polarised.

Urgent Evoke is 0, since the split side of a cowry is zero. And Newunivars is one, since the smooth side of a cowry is equal to 1. 

Urgent Evoke is zero because evoke alternate reality game has ended. Newunivars.com is 1 because it is the game still active and alive. In other words, Urgent Evoke is game over and Newunivars is game on.

Newunivars.com is the crash course in changing the world evoked from urgentevoke.com. Evoke seed fund sprouted and grew into a world tree whose root is in Urgent Evoke website and whose crown is newunivars.com. The root of the tree is me planted in Urgent Evoke website.

My journey from Urgent Evoke had been a tree growing from 2010 to 2020. Now the tree is mature. One of the functions of Alchemists is to mature substances. Another function is to change one substance to another. The change from Urgent Evoke to Newunivars is a transmutation of Lead or "base metal" to gold or "noble metal."

Urgent evoke.com is the northern kingdom of Israel or ten tribes. Newunivars.com is the southern kingdom of Judah or two tribes. As Israel, Urgent Evoke is the decimal equilateral triangle. And as Judah, Newunivars is the binary equilateral triangle.

At urgent evoke.com, newunivars and evoke alternate reality game are two separate entities - they are the divided Israelites kingdom. But at newunivars.com, evoke alternate reality game and newunivars are the same united Israelites kingdom.

Evoke alternate reality game reigned until the year 2020; Newunivars will reign from 2020 to infinity.

In Urgent Evoke, we were hidden behind the curtain. Agents were concealed and never given credit or recognition for their works. At newunivars.com, agents are bright superstars rewarded with fame, recognition and wealth.