Evoke Biogas Energy Development Project

To evoke Biogas Energy Development Project is to unveil myself. 

In 2010, I promised that I will construct a functional biogas digester in Igun and that the digester will convert toilet waste to clean energy. I wish to announce that the Igun biogas project is a tremendous success. I have fulfilled my promise. The digester is working perfectly.

The BED project is me. I wasn't a biogas digester until I became an Evoke agent. I used the BED project seed fund from Evoke/World Bank/Global Giving to construct myself.

Put dirt on me and I will wash myself clean. Give me evil and I will turn it to good.

In reality, the BED project is a fantasy or fiction. In alternate reality, the BED project is a functional biogas digester converting waste materials to clean energy. Since Evoke is an alternate reality game, I present an alternate reality Biogas Development Project.

Igun is the biogas digester and I am Igun personified. In cyberspace, Igun or biogas digester is newunivars.com.

I am a walking biogas digester governed by a principle mimicking the philosophy of left-hand path and right-hand path. The left-hand path is comparable to the malicious black magic and the right-hand path the benevolent white magic. Place a curse on my left hand and it will turn out blessing on my right hand. 

It is magic only if it is a mystery. Place a mystery on my left hand and I will unravel it. Mystery is a waste material and I am the biogas digester converting mystery to science and information technology.

Objects used for practising witchcraft are toilet wastes. When you feed sorcery into a digester, the digester will convert the sorcery to programming. 

The act of casting spells on people is programming. Someone who is under a spell is a robot obeying the commands and instructions written by a computer programmer. Sorcerers speak words into objects and those words act as commands controlling people. 

Ifa is a hex used for casting spells. When fed into a biogas digester, the sixteen principal Odu are converted to a hexadecimal machine code used for programming. 

On one side of the hex is black magic. On the other side is computer science. Here, the hex is the biogas digester, sorcery is the faeces, and computer science is the fertiliser generated from the waste material.

Biogas Energy Development Project is a hexagram symbolising Israel. The two intersecting isosceles right triangles are the waste material and the organic fertiliser generated from the waste material. The hexagram formed by the two equilateral triangles is the biogas.

In Chinese, BED Project is I Ching hexagram in which the waste material and the effluent generated from the waste material are the two trigrams constituting the hexagram.

Biogas is Qi, the faeces is yin, the organic fertiliser generated from the faeces is yang, and the digester is the Tao symbol of yin and yang.

In other words, the BED project is a Qi project.