Evoke Alternate Reality Game

Evoke game is a big brother house full of mysteries. The mysteries are games such as ludo, sudoku, dreidel, etc, concealed in places and things most humans believe are fantasy. Unraveling the mysteries is revealing the games from alternate reality to reality.

Reality is the state of existence. Alternate reality is a substitute reality or another existence. Reality and alternate reality are yin and yang. A story of someone who suffered before enjoying enormous fortune has a reality and alternate reality in it. In reality, he suffered. In alternate reality, he is fortunate.

Evoke is to make something happen or cause someone or something previously hidden to appear. Solving mysteries or puzzles is evoking. If someone previously unknown suddenly become famous, he has been evoked.

Reality is full of mysteries. Solving the mysteries is moving from reality to alternate reality. If the solution to the mysteries are valuable information capable of attracting fame, respect, awards and large amount of money, the one who solved the mystery is promoted from the suffering in reality to enjoyment in alternate reality.

Reality and alternate reality are two different worlds. Reality is the world of suffering and alternate reality is the world of enjoyment. Alternate reality is the alternate universe and reality is the canonical universe for someone who is moving from suffering to riches and fame.

Playing evoke alternate reality game is therefore working hard to rise from poverty to riches.

Joseph played Evoke Game and became a governor in Egypt. Reality was during the time he was a poor shepherd boy in Cannaan. Alternate reality is when he solved mysteries in Egypt and became rich and famous.

Reality and alternate reality are earth and paradise. People can ascend from earth to heaven by playing Evoke alternate reality game. 

The mysteries are problems. If you use Evoke Game to solve the world's problems, you will certainly rise from earth to heaven because the world will reward you with enormous wealth, fame and respect.