Ogun is iron rod worshiped as a deity in old Benin empire. Ogun shrines are made of iron rods sourced from old car engines, bicycles, motorbikes and steel rods used for construction of burglary proof or pillars in houses, are found in family compounds in Benin towns and villages.

No other place is Ogun worship more rampant than Edo State, Nigeria. Ogun shrines are housed under trees in landmark areas in different parts of Benin City. Shrines are also visible around the Oba palace and major streets in the area formerly known as old Benin City.

Since Ogun is iron rod, the son who would rule the world with an iron rod is a son who would rule the world with Ogun.

Ogun is the name of a state in southwestern Nigeria. The capital of Ogun State is Abeokuta. In Yoruba language, okuta is a rock or a stone. The kingdom of heaven is iron rod (Ogun) and its capital is a rock or stone. In other words, Ogun is the new Israel and Okuta is the new Jerusalem.

Ogun is 20. 

Ẹẹ́rìndínlógún or mẹ́rìndínlógún, the name of the sixteen cowries in cowrie divination, is derived from Ogun. Mẹ́rìndínlógún (16) means 20 (Ogun) minus four (merin).

Pythagoreans were Ogun worshippers. Tetractys which they worshipped was Ogun.

20 is the sum of two Tetractys. A Tetractys is an equilateral triangle equal to 10, and 20 is I Ching hexagram formed by two intersecting equilateral triangles. The triangles are trigrams and the I Ching hexagram is the star of David - the symbol of identity of Israel. Each equilateral triangle is equal to the ten dots in a Tetractys such that the two triangles are equal to 20 dots (Ogun). This means that Israel or the star of David is Ogun. God dwelling in Israel implies God dwelling in Ogun.

Ogun is a human being, since Israel is Jacob. Removing wickedness from the heart of Israel is getting rid of wickedness from Ogun. 

The two equilateral triangles are the hands and legs of Ogun. The ten dots in the first equilateral triangle are the ten toes, and the ten dots in the second equilateral triangle are the ten fingers. Therefore, Ogun is 20 digits. Since digits are numbers, Ogun worship is worship of numbers.

Ogun is an isosceles right triangle whose right angle is a hexagram and base angles equilateral triangles. The right angle is the smooth side of a cowrie and the base angles are the split side, which means that Ogun is a cowrie shell. 

In Urhobo language, cowrie shells are called Ibigho, which means money. 

Ogun (cowrie) = Money

New Israel is Ogun (money) and its capital new Jerusalem is Okuta (stone). The Bible says that the stone is a precious stone, which means wealth. Ogun is the husband called the Lamb and Okuta is the wife of the Lamb called the heavenly Jerusalem. They are a rod and a stone.

Ogun and Okuta are the new Israel and its new capital.