Real Estate

The kingdom of God is a real estate. Since the term "real" means physical or tangible, the kingdom is about possessing physical properties befitting a king. 

"Real" in real estate is derived from either the Latin root res or the Latin word rex. Res means things and rex means royal. Thing and royal stand for possessions and kingship respectively. It encompasses owning physical lands, houses, farmed crops and livestock, and natural resources like wildlife, minerals (gold, sand, precious stones etc.), gas and petroleum, found in the land.

Real also means actual or genuine. As a real estate, the kingdom of heaven is physical property comprised of lands and houses. 

Real Donald Trump is 'Rex Donald Trump.' Since Rex stands for royalty, Real Donald Trump is King Donald Trump. The kings who occupied the kingdom were property developers and owners of real estate businesses.  This explains why the salvation Trump offered the Palestinians was money meant for building infrastructures. It is the same reason Israel had been about building and expansion of settlements.

Trump is a reality star represented by a five-pointed star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Someone would say that there are over 2600 people represented by five-pointed stars in the sidewalks of the Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. But the kingdom is 45 and none of the other stars is 45 apart from Trump.

Trump entered into the 45 through Chinese geomancy - Feng Shui - and took possession of the kingdom of heaven. As a five-pointed star numbered 45, he was the centre of the world (the axis mundi) and the morning star. The five-pointed star is Wu Xing in which the five elements are the five points. 

How did he gain access into the kingdom of heaven? By hiring and paying a Feng Shui master, he bought the kingdom with money.

It is much harder for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.” (Mark 10:25) "GNT"

There are no two trees in the middle of the garden. There is only one tree. The axis mundi is a single tree with two sides: chaos and harmony. Chaos is a transient state and harmony is the permanent state. Harmony or the cosmos is the real estate prepared for humble people waiting patiently for God to give them the kingdom. Chaos is a strong delusion prepared for proud and arrogant people who think that they are smarter and wiser and could use money, influence and power to buy and possess the kingdom of God.

When Adam tried to enter into the kingdom without waiting for God's approval, he entered into the state of conflict, confusion and chaos.

Wu Xing has a transient state of conflicting effect of yin and yang and a permanent state of complimentary effect of yin and yang. Conflicting state of Wu Xing was scheduled for three and half years, from 2016 to 2020. And complimentary state of Wu Xing is the everlasting kingdom starting from 2020. 

The kingdom money can buy was the three and half years of division, conflict and chaos. Trump bought the three and half years kingdom and his followers in all parts of the world reigned with him for three and half years. Trump and his followers in all parts of the world were successful in everything and no one could stand against them during their three and half years reign. Their time has expired and they can't continue to reign during the era of harmony. They will try to polarise the system in order to prolong their reign but they will fail because their time has expired and chaos can't dominate in the era of harmony. They will become extremely weak and subject to harmonious people if they repent of conflict and division because their time is up.

The three and half years of ailment is over. Someone who is ready to heal will take his place. His exit is symbolic of the beginning of the reign of the people who have been waiting for a peaceful and harmonious everlasting kingdom on earth.

The Trump estate was hallucinations prepared for those who thought diviners could help them open the way into the kingdom of heaven. 

The kingdom is the hex in which twelve out of the sixteen geomantic figures are twelve houses in a house chart. The estate constructed from the house chart is the United Israelites Kingdom and the twelve houses are the twelve tribes of Israel, which means that the house of the LORD is an estate made up of twelve houses. The epicentre of the kingdom of heaven on Earth is a real estate opposite the river Ethiope where the LORD dwells.

The hex is a real estate in which twelve geomantic figures are the estate. The hex is bagua animated as a turtle, which means that the kingdom is a turtle. Taiji is equal to eight figures and wuji is equal to eight figures such that bagua (the sum of Taiji and wuji) is equal to sixteen figures. Taiji and wuji are two equilateral triangles so that the estate is I Ching hexagram formed by the intersection of taiji and wuji. 

I Ching hexagram is the star of David, which means that Israel is the product (Bagua) of the intersection of taiji and wuji. The house of the LORD is an isosceles right triangle in which the base angles are equilateral triangles called trigrams and the right angle is I Ching hexagram (the star of David) formed by the equilateral triangles. 

The isosceles right triangle is a cowrie shell, the right angle is the smooth side of the cowrie and the the base angles are the split sides of the cowrie, which means that the real estate where God dwells is a cowrie shell. 

Cowrie-shell is Africa's money, which means that the real estate is money, the house of the LORD is money, the house chart is money and the kingdom is influx of money. The eight symbols in Bagua are the eight spokes of the Wheel of Fortune. A symbol is a byte such that the wheel of fortune is an octet equal to 8 bytes. 

The kingdom of heaven hidden in us is digital data downloadable in 8 bytes. The turtle is an animation of 8 bytes, and Feng Shui practice of placing an aesthetically pleasing turtle in an apartment in order to attract wealth is animating 8 byte data. 

Geometrically, an octet (8 bytes) is an octagon, which means that the turtle is an octagon. The eight sides of the octagon are eight small squares of a 3 × 3 magic square. Designing the floor or wall of an apartment with 3 × 3 magic squares or octagons in order to create an auspicious environment is akin to practising Feng Shui.

Money worship you and the wealth and riches of the world flow to you once the house of the LORD which dwells in you become a real (physical) estate and you begin to live in it. Dwelling in the real estate is living in a cowrie shell at the bank of the river Ethiope.