Zodiac signs

Horoscope, also called celestial map or sky map, is an astrological chart of an attempt to download digital data of a newborn from the sky by observing the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets at the time of the person's birth. Horoscope is a proof that the sky is cyberspace and the life of every human being is controlled by digital data stored in the sky. The controller is a hexadecimal in which the twelve zodiac signs are twelve out of the sixteen principal Odu or sixteen geomantic figures.

The house chart in geomancy is a hexadecimal with four branches forming a square in the center and the remaining twelve branches forming twelve triangular houses surrounding the square. 

The branches or tribes or houses are computers programmed to obey specific instructions. We can recreate ourselves and construct a better world by programming the branches for love, happiness, kindness, beauty, prosperity, perfect health, justice, etc. 

Jacob was a programmer who programmed the future of his twelve sons when he was about to leave the earth. The blessings Jacob bestowed on his children were programming instructions put in place to determine the fortune of his children.

The Hebrew prophets were Programmers like all geomancers. The conflict between curses and blessings written in the Bible were computer programmes written to determine the future of Israel and the whole world. Pains and sufferings in the world today, injustices, hostilities and violence, wars, diseases, natural disasters, environmental degradations, slavery, vengeance, were curses placed on humans through programming.

The good news is that we can delete these curses from the twelve houses and substitute them with blessings. Deleting the curses from the twelve houses is removing wickedness from the heart of Jacob, because Israel is Jacob and the twelve houses or branches are the twelve tribes of Israel.

“The Savior will come from Zion
    and remove all wickedness from the descendants of Jacob." (Romans 11:26) "GNT"

In horoscope, the twelve tribes of Israel are perceived as twelve zodiac signs. The tribe (astrological sign) where you are born is where your data is stored.

Fathers had the ability to programme the future of their children and determine their fortunes by wishing or pronouncing either blessings or curses on them. Future generations suffer because of ancestral curses. By deleting the curses written in the twelve branches or houses, all curses placed on anyone or people anywhere in the world are cancelled, completely wiped out and rendered null and void. Every curse is converted into blessing. Barrenness is substituted by fruitfulness, bad luck is replaced by good luck, diseases are replaced by wellness, insanity is substituted by sanity, poverty is replaced by riches.

The whole earth enjoys peace, security and prosperity because the twelve earthly branches or Terrestrial Branches are programmed blessings. Blessings flow as Chi from the heavenly stems to the earthly branches.