Feng Shui

There are auspicious sites and places. Myeongdang is a Korean word for an auspicious site considered the "best land of all land." The promised land in the Bible is an auspicious land described as a land flowing with milk and honey. To make Abraham and his descendants prosper, God asked him to leave Mesopotamia for an auspicious land.

Myeongdang is the promised land governed by the principal of geomancy. Israel is an estate, the promised land is an auspicious site for the construction of the estate, and the twelve tribes of Israel are twelve houses built on the land. The house chart in geomancy is the house plan put forth by the architect.

Jacob is Israel personified, which means that the man Jacob is a house. Israel apart from the land cannot prosper. There is a balance of energy between the man Israel, the land, the house built on the land and prosperity. In the Bible, the house is called the Temple. Building God's Temple in the promised land was restoring Israel's prosperity. Wealth and riches flowed from different parts of the world to the promised land after Solomon built the house on the auspicious promised land. He wouldn't have become extremely rich if he had built the Temple outside the auspicious site.

There is a river that brings joy to the city of God, to the sacred house of the Most High. (Psalm 46:4) "GNT"

The house of the Most High is the hexadecimal in which the twelve houses are the twelve tribes of Israel. The bank of river Ethiope is an auspicious area bringing progress and prosperity to auspicious people.  

Qi is air or oxygen. Wind is a fast flowing air. Prosperity in the land is the product of Qi flowing from the river to the land creating a cosmic harmony between the clear bluish water visible in places like Abraka and Ubiaruku and auspicious people living close to the river. 

The relationship between wealth, the clean water of the river, the land and the auspicious people is defined by the Chinese concept of Feng Shui.

"Feng" and "Shui" are Chinese words translated as "wind" and "water" respectively. Feng Shui is a Chinese geomancy harnessing the flow of qi energy based on aesthetics, position and location of objects or buildings. Prosperity and fame are attracted when a building is located in a favorable location. 

There are instances where auspicious objects like tortoises are placed in a house to enhance the flow of life force in a home built in a place perceived as an unfavourable location. We  understand from the knowledge of oracle bones that a tortoise is a five element object and the five elements are a five-pointed star called Wu Xing. A turtle or tortoise is an animation of bagua (the regular octagon).

Wu Xing is the eternal 12-year cycle kingdom called the kingdom of heaven. The twelve years are the twelve houses representing the twelve tribes, which means Wu Xing is the house of the Most High - the house of the LORD.

River Ethiope is Lo Shu river and the tortoise is Lo Shu river turtle whose shell is a 3×3 square grid called Lo Shu square. Each small square in the square grid is equal to 5 (five elements), such that the turtle is 45 (9 × 5). 45 is the axis mundi, such that placing the tortoise in a house is marking the house an axis mundi - the centre of the world - in order to attract attention and money from all parts of the world.

Donald Trump became 45 by practising geomancy. Trump hired a feng Shui master. In Africa, that would be equal to patronising a Babalawo or Dibia. According to an article published by The Guardian, the caption beneath a photo of Trump, his Feng Shui master and others reads: "Photo taken at the Trump Int,l Hotel and Tower groundbreaking and blessings Ceremony on June 1995." The purpose was to attract wealth and fame through Feng Shui. In Africa, that would be engaging in money ritual. No doubt, Feng Shui is Chinese Ifa, and hiring a Feng Shui master for the purpose of money, power and fame is consulting a Babalawo for money rituals. Unlike Africa, aesthetically pleasing objects are used so that Feng Shui has become a form of interior decoration. 

The universe is a house and the human body is the microcosm of the house. The house is Israel so that the person whose body is the house of the Most High is Jacob. Qi is an invisible force binding humanity, the earth and the whole universe together to form the cosmos - the house of the LORD. The house is the hex in which the twelve houses in the house chart are the twelve tribes of Israel.

The house of the Most High is built by balancing yin and yang in the body and aligning oneself with an auspicious site, city, place, building or object with yin-yang force field like the Israelites had to travel to an auspicious place called the Promised Land - the land flowing with milk and honey. You occupy the 45 and are the center of the world once you get to the auspicious place. You will become highly successful and prosperous in everything you do. There will be continuous influx of large amount of money and your name will bring wealth and riches to people who give you money or do business with you. This explains why people pay Trump to place his name on their properties, businesses and products.