Terrestrial and celestial are earth and sky (heaven) respectively. Astrology has the closest answer to the question of how digital information in the sky determines earthly and human events. 

Let your astrologers come forward,
those stargazers who make predictions month by month (Isaiah 47:13) "NIV"

Humans and all things on earth were first data before they became physical. The night sky, when viewed with the unaided eyes, is information stored in binary numbers made of astronomical objects. Astrology reveals that there is a wealth of information about individuals, nations and the world stored in the sky. 

Astrologers in many cultures seeking to predict the future developed diverse techniques aimed at extracting information about persons, people, nations and the world stored in space. Examples: Chinese, Hindus and Mayan astrologers had unique methods of predicting terrestrial events from celestial digital data.

There were so many inaccurate predictions because the astrologers didn't understand that the universe is a giant computer and humans and everything on earth are products of numbers, and the planets, stars, moons and other astronomical bodies are the two digits: 0 and 1.

Astrology is a divination technique. It is a form of geomancy. This, of course, means astrologers are programmers like Babalawo, Ombiasy and other geomancers. Astrologers use the house chart with the positions of astronomical bodies to programme the life of infants and predetermine their futures. An example was how King James was programmed a lunatic by an astrologer. In order to ruin the destiny of the new born king, the astrologer titled the house chart: "The Nativity of a dumb Lunatic and Ideot."

The house chart is a hex in which twelve out of the sixteen geomantic figures are portrayed as twelve houses. Programming a child to become a lunatic is casting an evil spell using the hex. If an astrologer says a child is going to become an imbecile, he could have said the child is going to become extremely intelligent because whatever the child is going to become is determined by the astrologer. 

Astrologers believe that the Sun, the Moon, planets and stars have influence on the destinies of individuals, groups and nations. They believe that the positions of astronomical objects can be used to predict the destinies of people. Prophecies of gloom and doom of individuals, groups and the world are in the eternal cycle of astrological predictive system built on monthly or lunar cycles. People who are trapped in this cycle are moonstruck.

America had to go back to the Moon and the world had to protest again racial prejudice against black people after getting to the peak of racial justice from 2008 to 2016 because it is a cycle and the world has returned to the 1960's. Astrologers could compare what is happening in the year 2020 with what happened in the 1960's and use it to forecast the future within the monthly cycle.

But there is another cycle beyond the monthly cycle used by astrologers and other diviners. It is the annual cycle described by the Chinese Zodiac. This cycle is the kingdom of heaven - the United Israelites Kingdom - in which a year is a tribe and the twelve tribes of Israel are a 12-year cycle. The kingdom is eternal or everlasting because the cycle starts again after the twelfth month.

Advancing from astrology to the United Israelites Kingdom is escaping from the glooms and dooms in the realm of the astrologers and ascending into the blessings of paradise above.