Wu Xing

The five elements or five phases forming a pentagram (a five-pointed star) representing a unifying fundamental structure of the universe.

Wu Xing is 5 manifesting as five elements or five phases in Chinese philosophy. 6 is I Ching hexagram representing the perfect concordance between the first six planets described by musica universalis. Geometrically, Wu Xing is a pentagram comprised of the five planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. I Ching hexagram is Earth plus the five planets listed above. 

Wu Xing = Five Planets

I Ching = Earth + Wu Xing
              = Earth + Five Planets
              = Six Planets

Metatron's cube is the perfect harmony formed by the first six planets. The six square faces of the cube are the first six planets in perfect harmony. 

I Ching hexagram is a six-pointed star in which the six points are the six square faces of Metatron's cube. I Ching hexagram is Israel, Metatron's cube is the new Jerusalem (the capital of Israel), and Wu Xing is the scroll known as Torah in Judaism. 

Different religions have diverse perceptions of 5. In Islam, 5 is interpreted as five pillars. The five-pointed star in the star and crescent symbol is Wu Xing (a pentagram). In Roman religion, 5 is perceived as Jupiter (the fifth planet from the sun). In Judaism, 5 manifested as the five books of the Torah. And in Christianity, 5 is the name Jesus (five lettered word).

In many ancient cultures, 5 is perceived as the classical elements: fire, air, earth, water and aether. Geometrically, the classical elements are the five Platonic Solids. Wu Xing is the following Chinese five elements: Metal, Water, Fire, Wood, and Earth. Wood symbolises tree and metal stands for gold. Recall that the cosmos doubles as the holy city whose street is made of gold and the tree of life whose leaves are for the healing of the nations. Gold stands for wealth and wood (tree) stands for health (wellness). In Wu Xing, metal and wood are money (gold coins) and medicine respectively. 

The fact that the five elements are also called Five Stages, Five Agents, Five Movements, Five Processes, Five Steps, Five Ways and Five Phases, means that the Five Elements are a concept than  physical objects or things.

Chi or Qi is essentially 5. Yin and Yang in Tao symbol of Chi are two intersecting pentagons. The five angles of the first pentagon are 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. The five angles of the second pentagon are 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Since the ten sefirot are two intersecting pentagons, the ten sefirot are the life force known as Chi or Qi. It also means that the ten sefirot are a Tao symbol and Wu Xing is the balance of Yin and Yang.

Perfect harmony between the five or six planets is a balance of Yin and Yang between two pentagons or two hexagons in a Kabbalistic tree of life. 

The Platonic Solids are geometric structures of the following five principles or fundamentals of everything in the universe: energy (fire), solid (earth), liquid (water), gas (air) and vacuum (aether). Health, wealth, peace, success, good luck, justice and progress are products of balance between these five states. Wu Xing is a pentagram signifying that the five fundamentals are a single indivisible entity in a state of balance. Life force flows freely in this state is the time component.

The universe is the sum of vacuum and matter. Aether is vacuum or void, and the remaining four elements constitute space, which means that the pentagram (Wu Xing) is spacetime.

Time is geometrically a dodecahedron called Aether (vacuum or void). Each side of the dodecahedron is a pentagon equal to five minutes, such that Aether is equal to sixty minutes (5 minutes × 12). 

60 minutes is a complete journey round a clock. Since an hour on the clock is equal to five subdivisions, each pentagon is also an hour and Aether is also equal to twelve hours. 

Wu Xing is equal to spacetime and balance between vacuum and matter. The pentagram or 5 or five-pointed star is symbolic of the fundamental state of balance of the entire universe.

Space and time are earth and sky respectively. Earth is a square, sky is a circle and spacetime is a circumscribed square - Mandala. Aether or vacuum is a circle and the remaining four elements are the four sides of a square, which means that the Mandala is a variant of  Wu Xing.