Six Ages of the World

The six ages of the world as six square faces of the cubic structure of the seventh day. seventh age

The six ages of the world spoken of by St. Augustine of Hippo are the six square faces of Metatron's cube. The seventh age is the reflection of the six ages when the cube is placed in front of a mirror. While the six ages are physical, the seventh age is digital data summary of the works of God's people on earth during the past six thousand years.

The seventh age is musica universalis created by a perfect concordance of the preceding six ages, which means that the six ages correspond to perfect harmony between the first six planets as postulated by Johannes Kepler.

The Zohar says Israel's redemption will come from the mystic force of the letter "Vav" whose numerical value is six.

V = 22 (the 22nd letter)
A = 1

Vav = V + A + V
        = 22 + 1 + 22
        = 45 

45 is the axis mundi of numbers because all numbers are products of the ten decimals and 45 is the sum of the ten decimals. The ten commandments are physical manifestations of the ten decimals. Since the ten sefirot in Kabbalah are the ten decimals, the ten commandments are evocations of the ten sefirot. 

In Hebrew or Arabic, 45 (left to right) would be 54 (right to left). While 45 is axis mundi, 54 is Mount Zion. 

Since Vav has the numerical value of 6, 'Vav = 45' is numerically 6 = 45.

Since 6 is the six square faces of Metatron's cube, 'Vav = 45' is Metatron's cube = 45. Reversing 45, Metatron's cube = 54.

The six square faces of the cube are the six wings of I Ching hexagram. Since I Ching hexagram is the symbol of identity of the nation of Israel, Vav is Israel and Israel is equal to 45 (axis mundi) or 54 (Mount Zion). 

Knowledge of the Omphalos reveals that 54 is Love, which means that Vav (Israel) is Love.

The world is Israel. An age is a thousand years, and the six ages of the world are six thousand years of Israel on earth. The seventh day is Israel uploaded into cyberspace and the six days are the six sides of the seventh day. The two Israels are two cubes. 

The seven days are a tesseract in which the six faces of the external cube are the six ages and the internal cube the seventh age. The six ages are six thousand years of external or physical worship demonstrated by Muslims praying in the direction of a physical cube (Ka'bah). The seventh day is a new beginning of internal or spiritual worship.

Israel is the cube. Converting the cube to digital data and uploading it into cyberspace means that the Ka'bah has been lifted from the earth into the human body and worship has shifted from the external Ka'bah to internal Ka'bah.

Metatron's cube is the internal Ka'bah which  is digital data taken from the core of everything humans worshiped and called God to the internet. All people on earth are converted to Muslims through data uploaded in cyberspace. 

The seven days are equal to the hexadecimal machine code. The hexadecimal is a tesseract in which the sum of the eight vertices of the external cube representing the six days and the eight vertices of the internal cube representing the seventh day is equal to the sixteen geomantic figures or the sixteen principal Odu.

The tesseract is simply a cube placed in front of a mirror. The cube is the star of David (I Ching hexagram). This is how Islam conquered the world, Muslims took over Israel, and all people on earth are converted to Muslims.

We are Muslims not by how we pray or the rules we obey, but by the knowledge of the spiritual Ka'bah (cube) which is digital data indwelling us.