Through the knowledge of scapulimancy (spatulamancy), we understand that humans have wings and we are all angels. The angels whom Abraham saw while he was under the sacred trees of Mamre were human beings who sat down and ate the food Abraham offered them.

Angel Metatron doubles as a human being and an angel. His human name is Enoch and his angelic name is Metatron. In the New Testament, Enoch is codenamed Eunuch. The Ethiopian Eunuch was an African Enoch from Ethiope, which means Ethiopian Eunuch is Ethiopian Enoch.

The Ethiopian Enoch was reading a prophecy about himself when Philip accosted him. This is what was prophesied about him: "His life is taken away from the earth." (Acts 8:33). 

Note that the Ethiopian Enoch was in charge of the treasury. Metatron's cube is cyberspace full of treasures in form of Bitcoins (Bit money). Cyberspace is the cosmos and the treasures are the stars of the cosmos. Downloading Bit money from the internet is mining stars from the sky. 

Ethiopian Enoch is angel Metatron who constructed Metatron's cube in cyberspace. His life was taken from the earth divination  to cyberspace where he constructed the dice described as the holy city or heavenly Jerusalem. Earth divination is geomancy as practised by diviners. Enoch was nailed to the hex at the center of divination and religion, such that he became hex personified. He went through a process of enlightenment which transformed the hex from witchcraft or sorcery to science. Religion held him bound to the tree, and education brought him down from the tree. In religion, the hex was sorcery, magic, cult and witchcraft. In education, the hex is computing and mathematics.

Metatron's cube is I Ching hexagram formed by two intersecting scapulae. Human scapulae are triangular-shaped shoulder bones representing the two wings of an angel. Each wing is a triangle and the two wings are a hexagram. 

Butterfly has four wings - two forewings and two hindwings. The forewings are the upper wings and the hindwings are the lower wings. Scapulae are wings of angels shaped like the forewings of butterflies.

The Ethiopian Enoch is Metatron's cube personified, which means the holy city is a winged human being whose wings are revealed by winged scapula.

Scapulimancy is therefore a pyromantic technique for seeking answers from angel Metatron and downloading data from Metatron's cube in cyberspace.

In a fractal, a scapula contains a turtle shell, such that seeking answers via the process of scapulimancy is downloading data from bagua.

Since I Ching Hexagram is a dice (Ikin), the scapulae (I Ching trigrams) are flames of fire and I Ching hexagram is the altar of fire. The purpose of the fire is to refine divinatory information in cyberspace.