Fractal and I Ching Digital Data in Human Phalanges

Human hands showing the phalanges 
as 3 bits in an octal system and 
the ten digits as ten decimals.

The relationship between I Ching hexagram and Bagua is explained by the concept of fractal, recursion and Droste effect. The trigram, hexagram and Bagua exist within each other, and the human digits are the missing links of how they relate with each other and reveal the balanced structure of cyberspace, the cosmos and the various strata of human societies.

Geometrically, Bagua is a regular octagon, trigram an equilateral triangle, and hexagram a regular hexagon formed by two intersecting equilateral triangles. The trigram is contained in bagua in a fractal, considering that the eight symbols in bagua are eight trigrams. 

I Ching hexagram is a Koch snowflake or Koch star occupying the second stage of the first four iterations. The first stage from where the second stage is built is the equilateral triangle known as I Ching trigram. 

The star of David is a Koch star.

A human hand or foot has five digits with fourteen phalanges. This makes it ten digits in the hands and ten digits in the feet. The two hands are a trigram known as Tetractys. Similarly, the two feet are a trigram (a Tetractys). The twenty digits in human hands and feet are a hexagram, which means the trigram is contained in the hexagram. 

Zooming into the hexagram, each trigram or triangle contains bagua (a regular octagon). When joined at the big toes, the feet are bagua; when joined at the thumbs, the hands are bagua. Through fractal, bagua is inside a trigram just as a trigram is inside bagua.

Human digits expressed as the
ten symbols. 0 and 5 are
yin and yang in the 
Tao symbol.

The formula of the phalanges in a single human hand or foot is 2-3-3-3-3, where 2 is the number of bones in the thumb or big foot and 3 the number of bones in each of the four fingers or feet. 

The left and right thumbs are yin and yang and the the eight fingers are the eight symbols surrounding the Tao symbol. The three phalanges in each finger are the three lines in a symbol or hexagram. Similarly, the left and right thumbs are yin and yang, and  the three bones in each of the remaining toes are the three lines in a symbol or hexagram.

When the eight fingers are binary numbers, the eight toes are decimal numbers, vice versa. When the eight symbols are decimal numbers, bagua is wuji. When the eight symbols are binary numbers, bagua is taiji. Whenever the feet are wuji, the hands are taiji. When the hands are wuji, the feet are taiji. 

Bagua is base 8 or octal numeral system, taiji and wuji are base 2 and base 10 representations of the octal numeral system. In taiji, each symbol is a finger or toe equal to 3 bits and the eight symbols are 000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110 and 111. When converted from base 2 to base 10, the eight toes or fingers are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

I Ching hexagram is Israel. The eight toes and eight fingers are the sixteen principal Odu, which means that Israel is Ifa. 

Ifa is a dice placed in front of a mirror. The physical dice is wuji, the image in the mirror is taiji. The eight binary numbers are the eight vertices of the physical or external dice, and the eight decimal numbers are the eight vertices of the virtual or internal dice. This means that Israel or Ifa or the I Ching hexagram is a tesseract. 

Throwing the bones is simply rolling the dice.

“Can these bones come back to life?” (Ezekiel 37:3)

The bones are a human being representing the state of humanity. He is both a physical person and digital data. 

"Tell the wind that the Sovereign Lord commands it to come from every direction, to breathe into these dead bodies, and to bring them back to life.” (Ezekiel 37:9)

The tao symbol in the middle of bagua is life force (Chi' or Qi) converting Israel from dry bones to a living being. This means the resurrection of the person and the information in cyberspace reflecting the person.

"Breath entered the bodies, and they came to life and stood up. There were enough of them to form an army. (Ezekiel 37:10)

The resurrection of Israel is a global awakening.