Oracle Bones

Oracle bone shell of Lo
Shu river turtle.

Oracle bones are mainly pieces of ox bones or turtle shells used for pyromancy in ancient China. Questions are carved onto flat surfaces of ox scapulae or turtle shells, the bones or shells are subjected to intense heat until they crack, then the pattern of cracks is interpreted by the diviner.

Divination based on cracks derived from burnt animal scapulae is termed scapulimancy. Human shoulder blades are triangular structures representing I Ching trigrams so that deriving information from a scapula is downloading digital data from the Classic of Changes.

Plastromancy is a term describing pyromantic use of turtle plastron. Turtle shells represent a defensive wall shielding and protecting the holy city. Carving questions on turtle shells is writing messages on the wall of the city.

Bagua is the shell of the Lo Shu river turtle. The shell is the Nine Halls Diagram divided into nine small squares in a 3x3 square grid. Each square is equal to the five elements: metal, earth, fire, water and wood. Numerically, the five elements are equal to 5, such that the turtle shell is 45 (axis mundi). When read or written from right to left, the turtle shell is 54 (Mount Zion). 

Carving questions on a turtle shell is the same as using an ox scapula because from the knowledge of fractal bagua is contained in the trigam just as bagua is made up of eight trigrams. 

A trigram is equal to 3 bits, implying that the turtle shell is a computer and the messages sourced from the shell through pyromancy is digital data in cyberspace.

In bagua, the eight trigrams are eight symbols surrounding a central tao symbol, which means that there are nine symbols. The turtle shell is an eight-pointed star or 8-point compass with the tao as the center of the compass and the eight symbols the following eight points or directions of a compass: north, east, west, south, north-west, north-east, south-west and south-east.