I Ching with Clarity

I Ching hexagrams.

Consulting the I Ching oracle is seeking answers from the sky, since the 64 hexagrams in I Ching divination are the sky computed in broken and unbroken lines known as yin and yang. 

Broken and unbroken lines are codes signifying mysteries between humans and the cosmos. The mysteries are clouds.

Cracking the codes is biting through the clouds to gain access to the life, harmony and beauty of the cosmos. 

Beyond divinatory knowledge of the I Ching is mathematics and computing. Converting the Yi Jing codes to binary and decimal numbers is demystifying the I Ching and removing the clouds from the sky.

I Ching with clarity is about being able to visualise a clear and transparent sky. The sky is the city whose street is of gold because the twinkling stars in space are shining gold coins. Consulting I Ching with coins is reaching for the stars and using them for counting or mathematical calculations.

When the I Ching hexagrams are converted to binary numbers, the information contained in each hexagram is data. Each hexagram is equal to 6 bits, which means that the 64 hexagrams are equal to 384 bits (6 bits × 64). The information conveyed by the 64 I Ching hexagrams is equal to 48 bytes.

8 bits = 1 byte
384 bits = 384/8
                = 48 bytes

Consulting the Yi Jing or I Ching is downloading information from cyberspace or the internet. This means that the Book of Changes is an eBook or I Ching online. Consulting the Book of Changes is reading or downloading information from an eBook.

I Ching is the sky, and a cloudy sky means lack of understanding. I Ching with clarity is understanding that the sky is numbers encoded in broken and unbroken lines called hexagrams. 

Being able to view the sky as digits is what is meant by 'the city is transparent as glass.'