Discovery of the Treasures hidden in Africa's Digital Computer Universe

The sky in binary numbers.
Bright spot is 1, invisible
dark spots are each
equal to 0.

Heaven is a treasure in the form of a puzzle hidden in the sky. All people on earth were required to find and possess this treasure by solving the puzzle. Some had sophisticated technologies capable of investigating to details the smallest objects in the universe while others had no gadget or device to aid their search.

Africans do not have the kind of advanced Telescopes in the western world, yet the African continent is well positioned to find and possess the enormous riches of the new universe concealed from humans from the inception of time. The reason is that the unaided eye is all that is required to find, discover and possess the treasure.

The treasures are the bright spots visible in the night sky. It is easier for Africans to observe these spots with the naked eye because of the unstable electric power supply in most parts of the continent.

When visualised with the unaided eyes, the stars and all light reflecting objects in the night sky are bright spots. Invisible astronomical bodies are dark spots amounting to nothing.

The dark spots are zero and the bright spots are 1. The entire universe is in binary numbers in which the bright spots are 1 and the bright spots 0. The universe is a giant computer containing treasures in form of valuable information. Bright spots and dark spots are on and off or high and low of a transistor. The twinkling lights we see in the night sky are each equal to 1. And the dark spots hidden in the night sky are each equal to 0.

The astronomical objects are binary numbers. Life on earth is the product of data stored in the sky. We can also represent the sky in decimal numbers by converting the binary numbers from base 2 to base 10.

We can count the sky from zero to infinity. The numerical world is the spiritual world, and dwelling in the numerical is living an everlasting life. The promise of eternal life is fulfilled by the numerical world since infinity is eternity.

Rather than consult the sky above, diviners consulted a set of binary numbers written in codes because the sky is numbers. The sky is handy. Different diviners use different powers of 2 to download data from the sky. Palmist use base 8 or the third power of 2, Babalawo uses base 16 or the fourth power of 2, and base 64 or the eighth power of 2 is used in King Wen Sequence.

We were first data before we became physical human beings. Cyberspace is a replication or physical manifestation of the numerical world (the spiritual world).

Visualising the sky in numbers is viewing a clear sky. Writing the sky in codes is placing a barrier or obstacle between humans and heaven. Converting the Ifa codes or the I Ching hexagrams to numbers is breaking into heaven and taking the treasures.

The Ifa codes were mysteries preventing humans from gaining entrance into the riches of the spiritual world. Diviners were guards stationed at the gate of heaven to destract, capture and trap everyone that has arrived the gate of heaven.

Demystifying the mystery of the Kabbalah, breaking the Ifa code, converting the I Ching hexagrams to numbers and ending other mysteries, the guards, barriers and obstacles preventing us from entering into heaven and taking possession of its riches are removed.

The mystery of God is over.