Construction of I Ching Hexagram from Tetractys of the Decad

A hexagram, represented by six unbroken lines, 
converted to binary numbers 00101 (Yin)
and 1010001 (Yang).

Tetractys of the decad is an equilateral triangle with ten points arranged in four rows of one, two, three and four. I Ching hexagram is the product of two intersecting equilateral triangles called trigrams. A trigram is a Tetractys, such that I Ching hexagram is the product of two intersecting Tetractys.

I Ching hexagram is a six bits binary number encoded in broken and unbroken lines (yin and yang) derived from a pair of three bits binary numbers called trigrams.

Geometrically, a trigram is an equilateral triangle and I Ching hexagram is the product of two intersecting equilateral triangles. The equilateral triangles are base angles intersecting at the right angle of an isosceles right triangle.

The equilateral triangle is the Tetractys or Tetraktys in Pythagoreanism. The triangle has ten dots or decad. The ten dots are ten numbers known as the ten sefirot in Kabbalah.

The two trigrams or triangles are the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah. The I Ching hexagram formed by the intersecting trigrams is the United Monarchy - the Kingdom of David.

Northern Kingdom of Israel has ten tribes, southern Kingdom of Judah has two tribes, and the United Monarchy is the twelve tribes of the people of Israel.

Israel (ten tribes) is base 10 and Judah (two tribes) is base 2. Base 10 is the ten tribes of the northern kingdom represented by the ten decimals: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Base 2 is the two tribes of the southern Kingdom numerically equal to the two binary digits: 0 and 1.

The ten tribes of the northern kingdom are equal to 45.
Northern Kingdom = 0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9
                                    = 45

Note that the northern kingdom is Israel and the southern kingdom is Judah. Israel as the northern is equal to 45. When the kingdoms are divided, the enemy comes from Israel (the north).

North or Israel is an equilateral triangle just as south or Judah is an equilateral triangle. Each equilateral triangle has ten digits, such that the number of digits in the two equilateral triangles is 20 (Diloggún).

Diloggún (10) is an African term for the Kabbalistic tree of life. In other words, Diloggún is African Kabbalah.

The ten digits representing Israel are in decimals or base 10, and the ten digits in the equilateral triangle representing Judah are in binary number or base 2. The sum of the ten decimal and ten binary numbers is Diloggún (20). The triangle with ten decimal number is the crown or ten sefirot, and the triangle with ten binary numbers is the root or  מלכות (kingdom) of the Jewish Kabbalistic tree of life, which means the Jewish Kabbalistic tree is the product of two Tetractys or two trigrams or two equilateral triangles.

First Trigram = Base 2 (2 Tribes)
Second Trigram = Base 10 (10 Tribes)

Trigram + Trigram = Triangle + Triangle
                                   = Base 2 + Base 10
                                   = 2 Tribes + 10 Tribes
                                   = 12 Tribes (hexagram)

I Ching hexagrams are six-pointed stars. Each star is Israel (12 tribes), such that the hexagrams are the Israelites - the stars of the cosmos.

Constructing the I Ching hexagram from the Tetractys is creating Israel and the Israelites from number and geometry.