Chinese Zodiac

Table showing the twelve tribes of Israel built into 12 years corresponding to the 12  Chinese zodiac signs.

In Chinese zodiac, animal signs are assigned  specific year in a 12-year cycle corresponding to the approximate orbital period of Jupiter. The twelve zodiac signs in Chinese zodiac are twelve houses or geomantic figures in a house chart. The house is the internet where the twelve houses are digital information stored in twelve binary numbers, each equal to 3 bits.

A zodiac sign is simply Wu Xing. Jupiter, the fifth planet from the sun, is 5. Geometrically, 5 is a five-pointed star whose five points are the five elements: fire, wood, metal, water and Earth. Earth is the center of the star and the remaining four elements are the four cardinal points. 

A Jovian year is 4,332.52 earth days. And a year on earth is 365 days. 


1 year in Jupiter = 4332.52/365 earth years
                               = 11.87 earth years
                               ≈ 12 earth years

Wu Xing is therefore Earth, and the twelve zodiac signs are twelve years on Earth. A year is a tribe, such that the twelve years are the twelve tribes of Israel, and Jupiter or Wu Xing or 5 is Israel. 

 Year Zodiac
 Tribe Time Month
 2020 Rat Benjamin 0:00 Dec
 2021 Ox Judah 1:00 Jan
 2022 Tiger Joseph 2:00 Feb
 2023 Rabbit Zebulun 3:00 Mar
 2024 Dragon Issachar 4:00 April
 2025 Snake Levi 5:00 May
 2026 Horse Simeon 6:00 Jun
 2027 Goat Manasseh 7:00 Jul
 2028 Monkey Naphtali 8:00 Aug
 2029 Rooster Asher 9:00 Sept
 2030 Dog Gad 10:00 Oct
 2031 Pig Reuben 11:00 Nov

Every year on Earth is 5, every year in Jupiter is 5, and the relationship between Earth and Jupiter is that Jupiter is Earth multiplied by 12. Since Earth is 5, Jupiter is 60 (5 ×12).

Time is the product of Earth and Jupiter. Jupiter is a clock in which the twelve years are the 12 units of the clock, Earth is 5 minutes, and the twelve years are equal to 60 minutes or one hour. In other words, twelve years on Earth is one hour on the clock.

In a year (1/12th of the approximate orbital period of Jupiter), the twelve zodiac signs representing the twelve tribes of Israel are twelve months.

5 comes from 12 and 12 comes from 5 through fractal. In Judaism, 5 is the Torah and 12 is the twelve tribes of Israel. 5 coming from 12 means that the twelve tribes of Israel are products of the Torah. You would find the twelve tribes of Israel when you zoom into or search the Torah. Similarly, 12 coming from 5 means the Torah is the product of the twelve tribes of Israel. You will find the Torah if you zoom into or search Israel.

Israel is a nation of human beings, not animals. The animals are Chinese perceptions while Israel (I Ching hexagram) was still a mystery. 

Metatron's cube (I Ching hexagram) is an altar and the twelve zodiac signs are sacrificial animals on the altar. The mystery of Israel was darkness, and the revelation of Israel from numbers and geometry is fire consuming the sacrifice. All the animals are completely wiped out and Israel is purified by the fire so that the twelve zodiac signs are pure numbers. They are the sum of decimal and binary numbers. 

A person's personality or life is ascribed zodiac signs because Israel is a human named Jacob. Israel is a computer and meanings ascribed to each zodiac sign are instructions commanding and controlling Israel. This means that the man Israel is programmed.

Chinese zodiac pig personality is programmed as flexible, gentle, optimistic, cheerful and energetic, accommodating, and harmless. The kingdom of heaven starts from the year 2020. Pig is the tribe of Reuben and the year 2031. Someone born in the year 2031 belongs to the tribe of Reuben and will manifest the pig personality. We don't say the year of pig in the kingdom of heaven, we say the year of Reuben.

Rat in Chinese culture is a sign of wealth and surplus and the beginning of a new day. The kingdom of heaven is a twelve year circle starting from the year 2020 - the tribe of Benjamin. The next time the world will enter into the tribe of Benjamin again is 2032. The beginning of the kingdom of God from year 2020 is the dawning of a new day. The kingdom is about money, which means that 2020 is the beginning of rapid influx of money into Israel personified. Israel is the man in whom dwells the data. Year 2020 is also yang (life). The kingdom is health and wealth. Healing and money are Chi flowing through the balancing effect of the five elements in Wu Xing.

An earth year is a sun because it represents a complete cycle of the Earth around the sun. The twelve years are therefore twelve suns. Which means a tribe of Israel is a sun and the twelve tribes of Israel are twelve suns. The Earth is light going forward from the year 2020.

The kingdom of heaven is eternal or everlasting because it is time. The twelve years cycle of the twelve tribes of Israel beginning from 2020 continues forever.