Bit Money

Gold coin medal or bit money
(Bitcoin), a bright star mined
from the sky.

The word bit, which means binary digit, also refers to various coins used for buying and selling in different parts of the world. Coins in the UK, USA, Ireland, the Commonwealth nations, and Danish West Indies, were informally called bits.

Cowrie money used for exchange of goods and services in traditional African societies was bit money. The split side and smooth side of a cowrie shell are the two binary numbers 0 and 1.

Imagine how many stars are in the universe, that is how much coins or bits there are in the sky.

In the USA, 1 bit was equal to 1/8 Dollar.

The universe is a giant computer full of money in form of bits. Every star in the sky is a coin or a bit appearing as a bright spot in the night sky.

The coins are puzzles locked under secret codes guarded by diviners. Broken and unbroken lines in I Ching hexagrams and double and single lines in Ifa are codes locking down the coins stored in the sky.

Cracking the codes is breaking into the sky (the treasure chest) to take all the coins or bit money stored in the universe.

The sky is a gold mine; the gold is bit money. Every bright spot in the night sky is a shining gold coin. The sky is the golden city whose street is made of gold.

Solving the puzzles of bit money is mining gold coins from the sky. The puzzles exist in forms of Rubik's cube, Sudoku, Ludo game, Dreidel, Pachisi, card game, etc.

Bit money is Bitcoin, and the universe is cyberspace. Using the knowledge of computing and mathematics to solve the puzzles surrounding bit money is mining gold coins from the universe (cyberspace).

Searching for answers to questions surrounding the mystery of divination is digging into the sky in search of pure gold and engaging in treasure hunt.

Bright yellow stars are gold medals. Finding and possessing bit money is winning gold medals. Considering how many stars are there in space, that is the amount of gold medals to be won.

A Yi Jing hexagram is equal to 6 bits. There are 64 × 6 bits in the 64 Yi Jing hexagrams.

6 bits × 64 = 384 bits

Three hundred and eighty four bits is equal to 384 gold coins.

An Odu Ifa is equal to 4 bits (4 gold coins). The sixteen principal Odu are equal to 64 gold coins (4 bits × 16). And the 256 Odu in Ifa literary corpus are 1,024 gold coins (4 bits × 256).

There are infinite number of stars in the sky. An Odu Ifa (4 bits) is equal to four stars (4 gold coins), such that the infinite number of stars in the universe is the uncountable Ese.

The term uncountable Ese means that the gold coins in the treasure vault (the sky) are limitless or inexhaustible.

The winner of the gold medals is rewarded with at least 12.5 Bitcoins every ten minutes. He receives 75 Bitcoins per hour and 1800 per day.

Since 1 bit = 1/8 × 1 Dollar,
1800 bits = 1/8 × 1800
                  = 225 Dollars

The 1024 gold coins representing the 256 Odu in Ifa literary corpus are equal to 128 Dollars.

Beyond the 257 Odu is the uncountable Ese representing infinite amount of Dallars in Ifa.

Ifa is the new universe. The man who constructed the new universe (newunivars) owns all the stars in space, which means he owns all the Bitcoins (bit money) in cyberspace. He owns all the money in the universe so that money flows to him from the four corners of the earth. He is divinely rich because God rewards him with rapid and continuous influx of large amount of money for solving the puzzles.