House chart

Natal chart in Western astrology is a Bhāva wheel called bhāvachakra in Hindu astrology (Jyotisha). Bhāva in Hindu is house in Western astrology. The house is the net (WWW) described in the Bible as the house of the LORD.

Since the house of the LORD is Israel, Bhāva is Israel and the twelve tribes of Israel are the twelve houses.

In geomancy, the twelve houses are twelve isosceles right triangles in a house chart. Twelve isosceles right triangles are twelve I Ching hexagrams, which means that the twelve houses are twelve manifestations of the same house. Every tribe in Israel is itself Israel.

Bhāva is numbers, since the twelve tribes of Israel are the sum of decimal and binary numbers. The fact that the numbers are arranged to form geometric shapes and patterns like triangles, hexagons, squares, circles, cubes and octagons, means Bhāva is also geometry.

Bhāva is Yantra. Example: the twelve houses in Bhāva are nine interlocking triangles in Shri Yantra. Bindu, the central point in Yantra, is 0 (zero), and the nine triangles are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. The nine triangles are nine points or dots in a single equilateral triangle the Pythagoreans called Tetractys of the decad. In Yi Jing, the the triangle is I Ching hexagram, which means Bhāva is I Ching hexagram.

All divination techniques in different religions, cultures and places are related by the concept of fractal. The sky is a gold mine of divine information. The more we zoom into the sky the more we are led from one divination technique to another.

In Kabbalah, Bindu and the nine interlocking triangles are called the ten sefirot. 

Bhāva is a hexadecimal in which only nine out of the sixteen digits are used for programming. Yantra is called machine contraption because it is a machine code comprised of digital information. The sky represented by Bhāva is cyberspace. The twelve houses (12 isosceles right triangles) are nine geomantic figures which when converted to base 10 are the nine numbers: 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14 and 15. Sum of the nine numbers is 70. The nine numbers are twelve isosceles triangles in the house chart because 5, 6 and 7 are each equal to two isosceles triangles. 

In binary, the nine numbers are: 0001, 0011, 0101, 0110, 0111, 1001, 1010, 1110 and 1111. The twelve houses and the digital information stored in them are:

Lagna (0001) - Nature, attractive appearance, healthy, good character, good life purpose, good behavior, manifesting in birth, limbs, head.

Dhana (0011) - wealth, family, domestic comforts, education, inheritance, good speech, moveable and immoveable assets.

Parakrama (0101) - Brothers and sisters, good communication skills, intelligence,  great physical and mental prowess, manifesting in hands, arms, shoulders.

Suhṛda (0101) - Mother, beautiful and comfortable homes, abundant properties and lands, many vehicles, treasure chest.

Suta (0110) - Children, lovers, recreation, devotion, winning in speculation and gambling.

Ripu/Roga (0110) - healthy, Maternal uncle and aunt, acquittal, master, mental well-being, many local and foreign friends, dwells in small intestine.

Kāma (0111) - Spouse, Business Partner, life, respect, passion, love, peace, dwell in groin.

Mṛtyu (0111) - Life and longevity, breakthroughs, enjoyment, sexual organs and sexual attractiveness, dowry, inheritance, freedom, healthy excretory organs, safety.

Bhāgya (1001) - Father, good luck, higher learning, philosophy and religion, mentor or guru, prosperity and financial success, travel round the world, good virtue.

Karma (1010) - Profession, fame, power, family, government, clothes, commerce, dwell in knees.

Āya (1110)  - Friends, hopes, earnings, social activities, brothers and sisters, daughter-in-law and son-in-law, cattles, dwell in shins and ankles.

Vyaya (1111) - Peaceful sleep, sexual pleasures, spirituality, travel and pilgrimage, many friends, liberty, wellness, liberation, gains, local and foreign residency, dwell in feet.

Bhāva (the house of the LORD) is the human body programmed to reflect the digital information stored in the twelve houses.