Triangular Structure of Cowrie Shell

Cowrie shell is the basis of a numerical and geometric world that remained elusive even after it was discovered by the Pythagoreans. Tetractys (the numerical and geometric world) is the height of evolution of intelligence or rationality concealed in traditional African religions and cultures.

Religion is the penultimate stage of evolution of human intelligence encapsulating the new world. Humans would naturally evolve toward the new world and then ultimately stopped by religion at the gate of entry.
Religion is a snare put in place to trap everyone traveling towards the new world and prevent them from accessing its enormous riches.

You stop proferring intelligent solutions to practical problems and start depending on miracles or sorcery once you are converted to a religion at the point of entry into Paradise. Although the Pythagoreans went further than any group of human beings, they, like the rest of humanity, were tempted to worship the new world than enter into it.

Ourobos is a serpent or dragon eating his own tail. He bends his body into a circle by pretending to swallow his own tail in order to trap humans in an endless cycle. He knows that if humans enter his body from his head they will come out from his tail. Hence, he placed his tail in his mouth in order to swallow humans back into his body everytime they are about to come out from the tail.

Ourobos is a curse or an evil spell surrounding the mystery of the codes or seals locking down the Paradise we seek. Cracking the codes by converting the mysteries to numbers and geometry is breaking out of the endless cycle and escaping into the safety of the prosperous, harmonious and peaceful new world.

Many generations expecting to see the new world during their times have come and gone without experiencing it because the world was trapped in an unending cycle of the beginning (head) and the end (tail) in the body of Ourobos. Heaven with all its promises is a scam and Christians hoping to enter into paradise are on a futile mission as long as the world is trapped in Ourobos. Some Christians, however, have settled for Christianity and are not looking forward to experiencing heaven in their lifetime.

Tetractys worshiped by the Pythagoreans is an isosceles right triangle with numerical attributes. An isosceles right triangle is a right triangle (right-angled triangle) with two equal base angles. Each base angle is equal to 45 degrees and the right angle is 90 degrees.

The right angle of an isosceles right triangle is the smooth side of a cowrie shell and the base angles are the split side of the cowrie, which means that a cowrie shell is an isosceles right triangle, the smooth side of the cowrie is 90 degrees, the right half of the split side of the cowrie is 45 degrees, and the left half of the split side is 45 degrees.

Tetractys is a cowrie shell. The new world is a numerical and triangular representation of the cowrie. Knowledge of number and geometry encoded in cowrie shell was the white light the Pythagoreans worshiped in the rising sun. The white light is the new world, the rising sun is dawn or a new beginning, and converting the cowrie to isosceles right triangle is breaking into a new day (a new world).