The African Rainbow Brightening the Whole World


Ifa oracle is numbers written in codes. Advanced Ifa cosmology is the scientific study of bright white light emanating from numbers and dispersing into the seven colours of the rainbow.

White light stands for singularity, unity and oneness. While the rainbow stands for diversity. Dispersion of white light to form the different colours of the rainbow symbolises unity in diversity.

People may be different by virtue of race, religion, language, tribe and nation of origin, they are one indivisible people in the white light emanating from the cowries used for divination in traditional African religions.

Ifa practitioners are Pythagoreans just as Pythareans are Ifa practitioners. The oracle is number, since consulting the Ifa oracle is consulting numbers.

Ifa cosmos is purity because numbers are pure, neutral and inert, which implies that numbers are holy. The white clothes worn by Ifa religion practitioners are reflections of numbers (holiness) concealed in the Ifa codes.

Ifa is the African tree. This tree is either the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or the tree of life.  Religion is the knowledge of good and evil and education is life. In Genesis, the first book of the Bible, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is judgement and death.

Conflicting religious groups and organisations are coven trees or cults. The term 'Kabbalah' is a code name for cabal. Any group or organisation shrouded in secrecy or is in conflict with other groups or organisations is a Kabbalah or cabal. Nations, international organisations, religions, gangs, local organisations, and small group of people in communities and families are cabals or Kabbalah in the chaotic world. The cabal or Kabbalah is a coven tree and the people holding secret meetings in order to alienate, dominate and control the rest of society are witches gathering under a coven tree (Kabbalah).

Muslims, Christians, Jews and members of other religions involved in secret rituals, initiations, mysticism, and separating themselves from the larger society are witches in covens or cults.

Ifa as a religion was an African coven ruled by death. Traditional African religions practitioners were witches gathering in the dark. Darkness here means mystery and secrecy. Traditional African religions flourished under the mystery concealing numbers.

The coven tree is the hex used for casting evil spells. Cracking the Ifa codes is breaking the spells and converting the Ifa tree from coven to a citadel of advanced learning. This, of course, means that the coven tree has been cut down and the ignorance enabling sorcery (magic) to flourish in African societies has been defeated by education.

Transforming the African tree from religion to education is substituting non-judgement for judgement. The African tree is the world tree. The old world is judgement, curse and death. The new world is non-judgement, blessing and life. Converting the African tree from coven or religion or cult to education is changing the world from curse to blessing, judgement to non-judgement, death to life.

COVID-19 is death threatening the whole world, which means the world is under judgement and God is about to annihilate humanity. The rainbow is life flowing from the African continent to people of every tribe, race, nation and language.

People are suffocating to death under the coronavirus. The advance knowledge of Ifa is a ventilator resorcitating humans by injecting oxygen into the world.

The rainbow is the sign that God has forgiven all humans on earth and will not allow COVID-19 to wipe out humans from the surface of the earth.

When the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between me and all living beings on earth. (Genesis 9:16)