Pythagorean Worship of the Light of Traditional African Religions

The light of traditional African religion worshiped in Europe by the Pythareans who evidently had knowledge of direct relationship between light and numbers was 777 (Ikin). The rising sun worshiped by the Pythagoreans was a dice (a cube) whose six square faces are 21 dots representing the 21 palm kernels (Ikin). The cube is a hexagram - a six-pointed star known as the star of David.

Here is a prayer of the Pythagoreans to the Tetractys:
Bless us, divine number, thou who generated yods and men! O holy, holy Tetractys, thou that containest the root and source of the eternally flowing creation!

The Tetractys is simply an equilateral triangle created from a triangular sequence of the ten decimals: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. The Tetractys is 45, the sum of the ten decimals. In Roman religion, 4 is Mars (the forth planet) and 5 Jupiter (the fifth planet).

The symbol of identity of the kingdom of David coming from traditional African religions to the world is a cowrie shell equal to an isosceles right triangle. Each base angle of the isosceles right triangle is equal to 45 degrees, and the right angle is 90 degrees. The base angles constitute the split side of the cowrie and the right angle is the smooth side.

Since 45 is the Tetractys and the Tetractys is an equilateral triangle, the base angles of the isosceles right triangle are equilateral triangles. The right angle is equal to 90 degrees because it is the sum of the base angles.

Right Angle = Base Angle + Base Angle
                     = 45 + 45
                     = 90 degrees

Geometrically, the right angle (90 degrees) is a hexagram formed by the intersection of the two base angles. The hexagram or 90 degrees stands for the United Monarchy and the equilateral triangles represent the Divided Israelites Kingdom. The two kingdoms are the split side of the cowrie shell and the united kingdom is the smooth side.

Since the equilateral triangle is the Tetractys, each base angle of the isosceles right triangle or each half of the split side of a cowrie shell is a Tetractys. A Tetractys intersects another Tetractys to form a hexagram or 90 degrees or a cowrie.

Israel, the northern kingdom, is a Tetractys. Judah, the southern kingdom, is a Tetractys. And the United Israelites Kingdom is a hexagram.

Since the split side of the cowrie shell is 0 (nothing or vacuum) and the smooth side is 1, the cowrie is the United Israelites Kingdom.

By praying to the Tetractys, the Pythagoreans were Israelites worshiping the Supreme God in numbers and geometry.

Ifa (16) is the United Monarchy. The kingdom of heaven is numbers, and the Pythagoreans were Ifa practitioners praying to numbers.

Owó in Yoruba means money (cowrie). Ẹẹ́rìndínlógún derived from Yoruba owó mẹ́rìndínlógún "sixteen cowries" means 20 minus 4, which means the transition from Divided Israelites Kingdom to the United Monarchy.

20 - 4 = 16

Sixteen stands for the sixteen principal Odu, 4 is tetra, and 20 is two times the number of digits in a Tetractys. A Tetractys (an equilateral triangle) is made up of ten digits (the ten decimals), which means that the two equilateral triangles in the Divided Israelites Kingdom or the split side of the cowrie shell are equal to 20. The single hexagram representing the United Monarchy or the smooth side of the cowrie is equal to 16. Uniting the kingdom of Judah and the kingdom of Israel to form the United Monarchy is converting from 20 to 16.

In Tetractys of the decad, decad stands for 10 (ten decimals) and tetra stands for 4. Ẹẹ́rìndínlógún (16) is 20 minus 4.