Cowrie Shell Symbol of the Kingdom of Israel

Cowrie shell is a hexagram, the symbol of identity of the nation of Israel. Unlike the State of Israel in the Middle East, Israel in Africa is a kingdom revolving around the cowrie shell. The famous hidden city spoken of by various religions and cultures is the numerical and geometric world concealed in cowries.

Sub-Saharan Africans were rendered subordinates to people of other races because they were like an embryo incubating in an egg shell. Although they ate, drank, reproduced and respired, they never existed because their time had not come.

Today, the time of the African continent has come!

The rise of Sub-Sahara Africa is the coming of kings and queens from the African continent. The Israel revolving around the cowrie shell is the lost kingdom of David. The kingdom is not a military or political or religious kingdom. Rather, it is an intellectual kingdom attracting enormous wealth into the African continent like in the days of Solomon.

We are a royal society of traditional African science and information technology.

Religions were shells hiding us. Mysticism and the occult were a clay pot (kelipot) and we were treasures in an earthen vessel. Breaking the Ifa codes and demystifying the mysteries is smashing the clay pot to pieces and unveiling us. It is cracking the egg shell and hatching the egg.

The fact that we are already revealing the science and information technology in traditional African religions means we are already in the new dawn of Africa. The chicken has grown into a rooster. This is the cock crow at dawn.

The base angles of the isosceles right triangular structure of the cowrie shell are equilateral triangles. The right angle is a hexagram formed by the intersection of the two equilateral triangles. The equilateral triangles are the southern kingdom of Judah and the northern kingdom of Israel, such that the hexagram formed by the intersecting triangles is the United Monarchy.

In other words, the split side of the cowrie is the Divided Israelites Kingdom and the smooth side is the United Israelites Kingdom.

Uniting the two triangles to form a single cowrie shell is restoring the kingdom of David on earth.